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10liamsl is a member of Sploder. He is a bit popular and he likes making games on Sploder.


10liamsl has a good amount of views! (2,975 views).

Main Best Friend

10liamsl's main best friend is danger1 however on January 11th 2014 10liamsl and danger1 had an argument and danger1 stopped talking to him but we don't know why because they both made up and 10liamsl's still talking to him but Danger1 is banned so he can't talk.

10liamsl is a bit of a featured member and he has a lot of best friends too. He even had to change his avatar multiple times


10liamsl' s popularity was very early when it was 10liamsl' s first day on sploder which was October 18th 2013 he was already known by Meden in fact 10liamsl' s never been an unknown member 10liamsl' s sometimes introduces New members so the new members can get their popularity like Jacobplayz for an example

Friends/Sploder Friends/Family

10jackbu - School Friend

10jackwl - School Friend

Anton3000 - Big Brother

Jacobplayz - Bestest Friend on sploder

Danger1 - Formerly Bestest Friend On Sploder

Siggybum - cousin

Nattyback - Younger Brother

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