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5mister 96


Joined:December 14, 2013
Total Plays:200K+
Contests Won:40
About Me:Friendly, helpful, motivational. Need help? Feel free to contact me.
Member of the day on:August 28, 2014
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5mister is a very popular Sploder member who joined at the end of 2013. Many people, including his closest friends and fans agree that 5mister is one of the best Sploderians of all time.


2013 5mister Sploder season

5mister joined Sploder on 14th December 2013, meaning that he was completely new to the site. He started making Platformer games. His first friend, Captainderps, was his huge inspiration. Not familiar with PPG games his friend was regularly making, he focused on his above mentioned favorite creator at the time. 5mister published 10ish games by the end of the year and got some plays as well. 10liamsl as well as a few others are the members who made 5mister find his way around.


Total Plays: 100

Total Votes: 17

Contests won: 0

Awards: 2

Favorites: 6

2014 5mister Sploder season

5mister seemed like a normal newbie until 20th January when he published his game "Rollercoasters". It's a very short game yet it was designed well. The game was a contest winner and that's when 5mister started to get fairly noticeable. Despite it being the contest winner, "Rollercoasters" got some negative feedback as well, for being too simple. It announced 5mister's future style of making games: simple, yet fun. Being a rockeeter, he leveled up fast and got his level 250 on 30th April. Meanwhile, he made some great friends. 5mister started his first series "Sploder World" which has never been finished. "Titanic Movie" has been much more popular and that's when 5mister entered his gold period, as he got plenty of fans. Everyone wanted to take part in it so he worked hard and made everyone satisfied. He received lots of tributes and was named as one of the friendliest Sploderians. On August 28th, 5mister was a member of the day and was requested as a friend by many interested Sploder game makers. The following autumn announced noticeable drop in 5mister's fame as many of his friends became less active. He got bored of it himself and almost totally moved to ROBLOX. Despite 2015 and 2016 being more successful years in 5mister's career, emotionally, he says 2014 was priceless and unrepeatable.


Total Plays: 14K+

Total Votes: 1K+

Contests won: 6

Awards: 250+

Favorites: 400+

2015 5mister Sploder season

5mister finally returned to Sploder at the end of March and by the mid-April, he published some games that are one of the most popular ones nowadays. Sudden increase in his views and popularity once again, was noted by many new members and that made 5mister stick to the top members page for the next two years. Following success on his previous series, he started another season which attracted even more people. Besides those, some of his 2015 games turned to be the next generation hits. In May, Acetile discovered a way of cloning boost points that are generally important for getting plays. Some unknown member told 5mister that and soon those two and several others cloned billions of BP until Geoff patched the glitch in June. Those billions were enough for 5mister and Acetile who can give boost points a credit for being in top 3 members of 2015.


Total Plays: 62K+

Total Votes: 4K+

Contests won: 12

Awards: 200+

Favorites: 800+ 

2016 5mister Sploder season

This is the most successful year in 5mister's career so far. He was on Sploder throughout the hole year and he also made bunch of games that became hits. Lordofold and 5mister were always on top members charts. Some members of the Sploder forum started calling 5mister's fame and achievements not deservable but that couldn't change a thing. On 28th April, 5mister hit 100,000 views and was congratulated by many friends and fans. It was a question whether he will leave after this or not but he announced that his goals are higher than anybody could think. He finished the first season of his new series "Sploder Wars" in May. Boost points and auctions played a great role here and according to 5mister, he will have spent all of them by the end of 2020. Most of his friends became inactive but the fact didn't make him give up.


Total Plays: 78K+

Total Votes: 10K+

Contests won: 18

Awards: 225+

Favorites: 1K+

2017 5mister Sploder season

This year has started successfully. 5mister has made several games that are getting popular. His newest gameplay one "Escape from McDonalds" got 24K+ views in just one night. That is probably one of the most plays ever in one day. He's won 9 contests and now has 45, beating Sceptile with his 40. He finished his successful "Pirate Wars" series which contain 8 episodes.


Total Plays: 65K+

Total Votes: 4K+

Contests won: 9

Awards: 40+

Favorites: 200+


  • His only bestie is himself, due to the glitch that allows you to friend yourself, and mister5_24.png Mister5


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