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8bit8bit 96


Real Name:Unknown
Age:17 years old
Birth Date:September 29th, 2003
Country:United states United States
Joined:Januray 4th, 2015
Last Visit:2019
Member of the Day on:June 16th, 2015
Member of the Week on:June 21th, 2015

8bit8bit is a member on Sploder. Due to managing too many accounts by himself, it is pretend to be not very active in making games. He received a total of 17 awards so far.

About 8bit8bit



Basic Status

Level: 37 Games: 1 (actually 3, see Trivia)
Friends: 293 Total Plays: 944
Play Time: 0:00 Total Votes: 50


Votes cast: 194 Comments made: 652 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar (rounded off) Tributes made: 0
Group Memberships: 15 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 33 Comments received: 402
Favourites: 34 Tributes received: 0
Comment rating: 0.1867 Contests won: 1



8bit8bit currently published a total of 3 games.

No. Game Views Game Type Publish date
1 Physics-Platformer Deluxe 473 Physics October 31st, 2016
2 Physics Ball 414 Physics November 4th, 2016
3 The Best Game 58 Platformer March 27th, 2017


Group Ownerships

His only group ownership was called A Random Group of People. The group is composed of 9 members and a group level of 1,123.

Group Memberships

He joined a total of 28 groups including his own group. The table below were 5 of them:

No. Group Name Group Level Members Description
1 A Random Group by fi... (stylised as A Random Group by firepinch) 1,767 15 Made by the great firepinch!
2 YellowWaffle's Lonely Corner 1,684 21 Praise the Sun!
3 A Random Group of People 1,123 9 Hi
4 Sploder Republican Alliance 17,358 193 Invite only. This group fights against hackers and bullies and slavery. Let's together put it to an end. We also support the american republican party (most of the time)
5 Famous ish People! 5,069 90 No mean things in here or evil hackers! Just have good fun! Plz join!


  • 8bit8bit is known as the god of these members: (There are a few more but they do not need to be mentioned)
    • the 1st times
    • elecross
    • elelord
    • saygorou
    • firepinch
    • toxicwolf107
  • There is a bug in his profile page where it was stated that he create only one game, but he actually has three published games.
  • He was announced his retirement from Sploder in 2018 which was proven here.


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