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Real Name:Unknown
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United states
Joined:November 2014
Last Visit:January 2020
Member of the Day on:October 27th, 2015

8shot is a member of Sploder, originally a confusing member in 2015 as his peak period was that year. He has posted over 150 comments where most of his comments saying "Vote me for member of the day", including on his profile until he was Member of the Day on October 27th, 2015. He once has a huge pink square on top members page with only 800 views.

He was rumoured to leave Sploder on February 22nd, 2016 (proven in the game), but he made a comeback 2 and a half years later on the same day with The Official Sploder Story. He was discovered again that his last visit was on January 2020.

8shot currently has 68 games, with over 3,000 cumulative views, and he made a total of 191 friends, affecting his awesomeness rise to a whooping 94%.


2014-2015: Sploder debut, Series of Success

8shot officially joined Sploder on November 2014. He debuted with the original version of Parthiv's Game and a standalone game Many. Both games were found unsuccessful and were remastered on September 2015. He made a comeback with the second version of Parthiv's Game, which was released on May 9th, 2015. But the game was still unsuccessful and was also remastered on September 2015.

He began very active starting on September 2015, as he issues Sonic and the Robot King trilogy. It was a slow start until his 3rd and final game in the trilogy Sonic and the Robot King: Game Over claimed a total of 28 views, the most among the trilogy. On the late September 2015, his game Yo Point Collector Part 2 became popular in a sudden, claiming over 500 views. Following the success, he started issuing series of games through Physics Puzzle Creator.

On November 11th 2015, his second platformer game after the Sonic and the Robot King trilogy, Are You Smart surpassing 100 views, became his second popular game. In just 12 days later, his game Let's Play the Game: Recreation 4 was a huge success, surprisingly claimed over 800 views, became his third and most popular game.

On December 2015, his game Sploder Hotel was another hit, claiming exactly 150 views. Other notable game including 8shot Story with 140 views.

2016: Leaving Sploder

Just under a month after celebrating 2,000 views, he ulitmately announces that he will leave Sploder as proven in his game "I am leaving Sploder". A week later after the announcement, he officially entered a hiatus right after his last game "My Last Intro" published.

2018: The Official Sploder Story

He ultimately made a comeback in August 2018 (2 and a half years after the announcement) with The Official Sploder Story as a break from his hiatus.

2020: Discovered online

It was discovered that 8shot surprisingly online on January 2020. His status was still unknown where he didn't do anything during that visit.

About 8shot


playing games on my laptop

Favourite Sports


Favourite Games

let me take a selfie,8shot takes his selfies,super homer

Favourite Movies


Favourite Bands

the script--backstreet boys--charlie puth(although he is not a band..but he is my favorite artist and yea also ross lynch)

Whom I Respect

everyone who respects me :)


8shot currently made a total of 68 games.

Latest Games

No. Game Views Game Type Publish date
1 The Official Sploder Story 37 Platformer August 22nd, 2018
2 My Last Intro 15 Physics February 28th, 2016
3 I am leaving Sploder 36 Platformer February 22nd, 2016

Popular Games

No. Game Views Game Type Publish date
1 Yo Point Collector Part 2 549 Physics September 27th, 2015
2 Are You Smart 108 Platformer November 12th, 2015
3 Let's Play the Game: Recreation 4 840 Physics November 23rd, 2015
4 Sploder Hotel 150 Platformer December 14th, 2015
5 8shot Story 140 Physics December 8th, 2015


  • 8shot currently has 20 besties as shown in his friends list.


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