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Sploder Wiki is an unofficial source of knowledge of Sploder. The wiki is used to keep log of updates, all the game creators, some of the Members and many other Sploder related topics.


Sploder Wiki is not affiliated with Sploder, or any other subsidiaries of Neurofuzzy Consulting IN ANY WAY.
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  • Check out Sploder's Discord Server, the best and recent way to communicate with the Sploder community.
  • There is a new game maker coming out sometime in an unknown time. How exciting!
  • If you're above the age of 13, join Sploder Forums to get professional on the site!

  • edit Mjduniverse
    edited by Mjduniverse 7 hours ago diff
    Added category: Hall of Fame Members
  • new page Level Scam
    created by Mjduniverse 7 hours ago
    New page: The Level Scam is a scam on Sploder in which members would create a game telling them to do certain actions to level up. These would include sending...
    Added category: Memes
  • new page Why Kids Should't
    created by Mjduniverse 7 hours ago
    New page: Why Kids Should't... or Why Kids Should not... is a meme on Sploder in which children would do something that they were not supposed to do and then...
    Added category: Memes
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