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Joined:September, 2013
Total Plays:4,000+
Contests Won:1
About Me:Hi. I have Autism and Anger Issues, so please be nice, and great apologies for being rude.
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Aaqib [pronounced: AA-KIB] is an inactive, Asian-American Sploder (who has a high amount of autism) member who created "aaqib" 10 months ago after losing a previous account.

Aaqib is know for his "Do Not Trust..." games. One game even reach 550+ views, and that is "Do Not Trust SpongeBob", his most popular game. There is more, such as "Do Not Listen to Mario" versions original, two, and three. Aaqib has organized them into a collection, called "Do Not Trust Games by aaqib".

He left the Sploder Forums in frustration due to harassment. MetalMan made a thread in which was sparked with disrespect and rude posts towards aaqib.


Sploder picture 3 2014

Aaqib's former avatar

Aaqib was created 10 months ago after losing another account couple years back, Aaqib's first game was: Aaqib is on his way to pappy, which reached 20+ views. Aaqib's first popular game was "Chocolate N00b", aaqib's first ever physics game. The game has reach over 50 views.

After about 2 months of Sploder, aaqib disappeared for 5 months. He eventually came back on June, 2014.

Aaqib then created his "Do Not Listen" and "Do Not Trust" series.

On June 12, 2014, Aaqib won his first contest with his game "Who are you going to trust", which currently has 160+ views. He is active do this day forth.


Aaqib, on July 28, 2014, has announced an official retirement, saying that he is leaving since his father thinks he talks to sploder members who do bad at school, have no life, and just people who have nothing better to do but sit on the computer. Aaqib's official message:

"This is not a joke, I am leaving since my father says I "talk with a buch of losers who need a life" :( sorry, and please don't insult my father. I am going to have to return to stupid SpongeBob Games now..."

Aaqib plans on returning back to Sploder when he is about 16 years old.

Coming Back

Aaqib stated in his giveaway thread that he returned. But now, his status is retired.


After what people speculate as this, an unknown user sent aaqib a PM, saying "Honestly, I would like you to leave and never come back". It is not for sure, but aaqib went around, telling his friends that he is leaving. He said that he wanted to leave for his friends. To this day, he is gone, and never will come back (from what he said)


Guys, heres a message to all of you. Due to an unknown user and achievement keep pushing me to come back. I have decided to return possibly in about 6 months. Thank you all for the support, this is aaqib. I hope to be semi active on the forums ~Aaqib


More came out here:


Welcome to Sploder! Have a nice day! :D
— Aaqib, welcoming members to Sploder.
Hi. I am aaqib, nothing else. But letting you know that I have autism and anger issues.
— SMS (Sploder Main Site) description


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