What it looks like today.

The Admin Lobby is a special multiplayer room accessible only by Mainsite Moderators to moderate the SploderHeads Multiplayer Game. Unlike the other rooms, there is no game included.

The /announce command is the most commonly used as a way to speak to all member playing on SploderHeads Multiplayer Game. However some members playing don't know of this lobby so when the orange box starts saying things in chat, this is sometimes referred to as "The Sploder Ghost".

Moderation Commands

A full list of the commands can be seen using the help command.

  • /announce [message] - sends a message to everyone
  • /tell:[name] [message] - sends a message to one user
  • /kick [name] - kicks a user out of their current game
  • /warn [name] - sends a warning to a user, increasing chat rate limit
  • /ban [name] - bans a user from all activity
  • /ipban [name] - bans a user by IP address from all activity
  • /unban [name] - unbans a ban (* remove all, # remove all IP bans)
  • /list [bans, commands]

​Mod Panel Glitch

During February 2016, Cyclone43 has discovered the secret link to the Sploderheads mod panel and then gave the secret link to Phynex and Nightshield10. Then Phynex started abusing his powers and banning people from Sploderheads for no reason at all. Somehow, he banned the moderators from Sploderheads too. Then Geoff fixed the glitch and made sure on people with the badges can use the mod commands on the Sploderheads Moderation Panel.


  • As of today, The only admin here is a guest, It is false that guests are admins.
  • This lobby has the watchers as admins instead of watchers
  • As of today, The chat got removed and no one uses it anymore.
  • In a unknown date, Bots appeared in the lobby, talking.

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