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Real Name:Alexander DeRouen
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
Joined:May 2014
Last Visit:2018
Member of the Day on:No day

Alexgames2004 is an average member on Sploder that loves the Physics Puzzle Creator. Despite his most active period was in 2014, it only lasted for 7 months. He has the awesomeness of 78% so far.


Basic Info

Level: 34 Games: 129
Friends: 212 Total Plays: 1,202
Play Time: 0:07 Total Votes: 91


Votes cast: 58 Comments made: 247 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar Tributes made: 9
Group Memberships: 15 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 60 Comments received: 141
Favourites: 20 Tributes received: 3
Comment rating: 0.3214 Contests won: 0



Group Ownerships

Group Name Group Level Members Description
Gaming Guardians 2,275 27 Founder: alexgames2004

Group Memberships

Alexgames2004 currently joined a total of 15 groups so far, including his own group. Due to exceed the list limit, only five of them were shown.

Group Name Group Level Members Description
Over Level 25 Games Group 588 6
for people who like sploder 1,314 10 this group is for people who like sploder (of course everyone's gonna join because we all love sploder)
Omniverse 5,688 53 Join and you will join in any minute! - Created on October 20, 2014
MinecraftFTW 43 2 Join here if you love Minecraft!
Forever Gaming 790 6 Anyone can join! But once you do, you have to promise you'll be FOREVER GAMING!

Games by alexgames2004

Alexgames2004 created a total of 129 games so far. Due to exceed wiki limits, here is his latest game:

proj7792471.png INTRO 7

Release Date: 2·5·17

Creator: Physics

Levels: 1

Views: 3 Views

Rating: EmptystarEmptystarEmptystarEmptystarEmptystar 0 Votes


Alexgames2004 made a total of 212 friends so far, 40 of them were besties (which is the maximum number of friends that visible to everyone who visit his profile page). The list below are his 40 besties:

angelaiscool ggaudrea lukester9 alexgames2004[1] 5mister
tvnetworkgirl mjduniverse aaqib aah363 561
messi109 originalvaxen goldoptimus bootsynumbertwo sidewinderjet229
maxliam woohoo32 scyptile futuremillionare ckmbud
boytucker alexthegreat44 lordeldar bloon password360
vaxen60 liamnight sonicool vaxen2 mystery18
yofi glitchmaster toxicchief2 sceptilescousin games543
wetfrodo gmchrome gamingtv vaxen weirdogames


  • He loves to play games created by lordeldar.
  • He promoted his Sploder-based wiki on one of his game. However, it is not accessible anymore for unknown reasons.
  • It was expected that his birth date was on December 15th.[2]


  1. He friended himself due to a glitch which has the ability to do so.


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