Alonessix 96


Real Name:Alon
Age:19? years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
Member of the Day on:November 30th, 2015

Alonessix is a moderately active moderator and reviewer on Sploder, he is also one of the generals in the Sploder Community Forums. She is now barely making games since 2014, however she is not retired yet. He currently has the awesomeness of 84% so far.

About alonessix

I'm Alon. Pretty much anything I do I find something fun about; I do a little bit of everything and manage to somehow make some cool stuff while I'm at it.


A lot of things, at the top of the list being writing.

Favourite Sports


Favourite Games

The Commmand & Conquer series, Call of Duty series, the Civilization series, LOTR: The Battle for Middle-earth, The Sims 3, Skyrim, Borderlands 2, and various others.

Favourite Movies

The LEGO Movie. Incredible in (almost) every way. Also the LOTR trilogy and (this doesn't exactly count, but still) the M*A*S*H finale.

Favourite Bands

I don't have too many favorite bands, but my favorite artists/composers include Frank Klepacki, Ed Sheeran, Jeremy Soule, Murray Gold, Kelly Clarkson, Thousand Foot Krutch, and Owl City.

Whom I Respect

Those who don't discriminate against the ginger race :(


Basic Info

Level: 173 Games: 132
Friends: 1,555 Total Plays: 3,757
Play Time: 0:05 Total Votes: 172


Votes cast: 155 Comments made: 3,869 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar (rounded-off) Tributes made: 9
Group Memberships: 219 Group Ownerships: 0


5-star faves: 98 Comments received: 3,191
Favourites: 45 Tributes received: 4
Comment rating: 0.4723 Contests won: 0



Group Memberships

Alonessix currently joined 28 groups so far. Due to exceed the limits, only five of them shown which can be found in her profile page.

Group Name Group Level Members Description
Sploder Republican Alliance 17,358 193 Invite only. this group fights against hackers and bullies and slavery. lets together put it to an end. we also support the american republican party (most of the time)
The Sploder Forums 14,436 83 For all those who have joined the forums :)
Fantasy 14,882 138 *Join if you want to have business* ( Join if you want to be a good person! If you want to make sploder a better place, join here.
Join if you dislike hate groups 1,859 10 Stop with the hate groups! Sploder is supposed to be a place meant for being happy, not hate.
!!!! The best sploder Legends !!!! 7,349 68 The person who thinks that he,she is a legend can join this group.owned by 8shot

Games by alonessix

Alonessix currently created a total of 132 games so far. However, only 23 games published.






Alonessix currently made a total of 1,555 friends so far. 15 of them were her besties as shown in her friends list:

bryang0041 mrcheese105 greenbuggy101 nathanhales19mcn mikeoo
levelorange011 zpacebar password8laon tbremise alonessix[1]
tommy123 m11dsauce segasilver99 yugioh77 wilc0m
  1. She friended herself due to a glitch which has the ability to do so.


  • She received a total of 167 awards so far, 13 of them were ranked platinum.
  • She only created 3 graphics, 1 of her graphic was themed Yin and Yang.


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