Real Name:Possibly Lamanda nor Norman
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Canada Canada
Joined:March 31, 2016
Last Visit:2019
Member of the Day on:May 1, 2018
Amandanorman is a member on sploder. He is good at making games.

About Amandanorman

About Me

My name is not Amanda nor Norman, but it does start with the letter L. Anyways, I'm a male child that loves this website! And also, check out my account for glitches:


Eating, using the ******, playing a computer, ******* my **** in public (2 blacklisted words censored, but i don't think urinal is a blacklisted word, so i censored it too)

Favorite Sports

Baseball, Swimming

Favorite Games

Sploder, Super Mario Maker 2, CTR Nitro Fueled

Favorite Movies


Favorite Bands

90s bands (due to him enjoying the 1990s bands)

Whom I Respect

most people

More statistics

Awards: 60

Graphics: 12+


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Sometime in 2018, Beeborobot666 hated amandanorman for being in first place on his game about hating ethan2009. In many games he would be first place. Due to that, beeborobot666 was later suspended, and created a new account called robotpointo. On January 2019, amandanorman's new account amaglitchy4 somewhere got hated by robotpointo due to being an alternative account to amandanorman.

More things related to Amandanorman

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  • He lives in the US in his profile, but he lives in canada in the online members list.
  • He has a new account named: Amaglitchy4 due to him liking SMG4. Here is the link to the account:
  • He once made a game that he was moving to amaglitchy4 but in 2019 he returned to amandanorman.


In November 4th, 2018, Amandanorman said that he was moving to amaglitchy4 because he was levelling up very slowly, his username was stupid (wow, who would say things like this), and people wanted him to be banned, so he said goodbye to his account and he moved to amaglitchy4. But in September 12th, 2019, he moved back to amandanorman.

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