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Anderzoonzim 96


Joined:October 2012
Last Visit:December 2015
Total Plays:3,762 (including in his old account)
Awards:25 (including in his old account)
Contests Won:0
About Me:(Portion of his long description) I'm an indifferential cosmicist, and an agnostic atheist.
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AnderzoonZim is a Sploder user and a former Sploder Forums' member, after being gibbled by Cyclone43. He has currently 178 games (including those in his old account), of which 1 was featured.


Around October 2012, someone named ZimAnderzoon (Anderson's original account) registered at Sploder. He started, and still today, get fond of the 3D Adventure Creator. Most of his games are poor at quality. He also made games using the Platformer Creator, and most of them moderately got fame.

He started the AnderzoonZim account as a test to make a tribute for himself (as there's a game called "Tribute to zimanderzoon" as his first game in the account).

The Forums

He entered the forums using the ZimAnderzoon account. He then left because he "doesn't like them mod dudes". Unknowingly, someone (known as Neptus) hacked through his account and used it to spit to his reputation.

The time he logged in the forums, he noticed his 300+ posts he never wrote, which led him to think someone hacked him. Nobody believed him, of course.

Having no more options, he registered an account named anderzoonzim to be used until its ban.

Geoff's got quite to take Anderson as his pet for:

  • Anderson quite knows the reference of many of his posts (see here);
  • He got 2 PMs from him;
  • And more (as he tells me more).

Time at TBF

After he "cleaned up" his reputation (which still the posts are there), he joined a forum named 'The Becky Forum' with his Sploder friend becki as the admin. He left the forums again and took most of his time there, in which he shaped it into a favorable utopia for most of the forum members.

Then and back

After a while, he's gone back to Sploder Forums again. And got a remarkable history of participation:

  • Joined the Nexus I gameshow (and dropped off after);
  • Got 4 awards (from Honorary Ravicale); and
  • Almost got the moderator badge.

The Nexus "mini-controversy"

Liamnight, a very diligent moderaotr and General of the forums, noticed Anderson's "account-skipping" to check out the whole forum. Liam then gave Anderson a choice: keep his original Zim account and repel from the gameshow or, ban the Zim account and focus on the Nexus. Anderson choosed the latter, in fear of banning.

Forum Ban

Cyclone43, an another diligent mod of the Forums, banned Anderson because of a link that lead to a Lemon Party (a porn site). He said it as a "switch-and-bait" for underaged members. Though Anderson never had that intention, he still banned him. 

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