Small enemy with bow and arrow

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Arrows, Kick.


The Platformer Hero surrounded by two Archies.

An Archie is a Middle-Class and Human Enemy in the Platformer games Creator and is a user of power when attacking the Player. The Archie resembles a Mideaval Japanese soldier or samurai, just like the Kikuchiyo, the Mongol, and the Ninja.



An Archie with the Platformer Hero.

The Archie wields black pants and gloves, just like the Platformer Hero, and orange-yellow battle armor on its chest, pelvis and head. The Archies facial expression is very serious. In battle, the Archie weilds a Shield in it's right arm and an bow and arrow in it's left arm. There is a spike on top of its helmet, and like most Enemies in the Platformer games Creator, The Archie has short legs.

Battle Data

The Archie uses its bow and arrow to attack it's opponents. It takes only 10 of these arrows to defeat the Player. (14 arrows with the level 1 Armor, 18 arrows with the level 2 Armor, and 20 arrows with the level 3 Armor.) The Archie does not possess the ability to pull-off a Swinging Crash. The Archie, like most of the Platformer Enemies, can knock the Player back with a kick to widen distances between them and the arrows the Archie shoots.

The Archie always moves away from the Player to make sure it can fire the arrows at the same time while trying to dodge the Player's attacks. It takes 8 strikes from the Player's Sword to Defeat an Archie. (4 hits with the Big Sword.)