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Real Name:Jay?
Age:19? years old
Birth Date:2001?
Country:United kingdom United Kingdom
Joined:June 3rd, 2014
Last Visit:April 2020
Member of the Day on:August 30th, 2016

Articuno360 is a moderately popular reviewer on Sploder. He started being active since August 2016, and was promoted to a reviewer in November 2016. For some reasons, he retired from Sploder on July 2018. He has the awesomeness of 89% so far.

About articuno360

Hi guys! If you want your game to be reviewed, feel free to ask me! I'm an active member with 8 features who is also on the forums.


I play games

Favorite Sports


Favorite Games

Competitive Pokemon

Favorite Movies

Murder Mysterious :ooo

Favorite Bands

Imagine Dragons :ok_hand:

Whom I Respect

People who can respect others


Early Life

He was born in 2001, at somewhere in United Kingdom and raised there.


He debuted in Sploder on June 3rd, 2014 as articuno360 as he was a Pokemon fan and loves to catch Articuno. However, the account was inactive and not much is known since then possibly focusing on his studies.


He ultimately returned in August 2016 and finally started to make some games. His first game Where No Sun Shines receives a moderate success, achieving over 850 views so far. Under a month later, he issued Oblivion which started to make him popular with more than 5,000 views]. This game was also his most viewed game so far. His third game, Ache of Mind was released 27 days later after Oblivion's success. His fourth game, Sapphire Pires shortly arrived few days later and was another success for him.

On November 2016, he successfully applied and promoted as a reviewer on the Sploder Main Site. Because of that, he started making reviews on other games which requested by his friends. His fifth game, Cinders was his first public game issued as a reviewer, which was released on November 20th, 2016.


He started being busy on reviewing other games. Due to that, he started not to make games very often. After 4 months after the release of Cinders, he issued his sixth game, Pink. This game is also his first game to have a colour theme. His second colour-themed game, Ocean was released in under a month.

He spent the Labour Day and released Fire as the final colour-themed game. On July 10th, 2017 (2 months after the end of colour-themed series), he issued his ninth game, Mount Parabyss, which was one of his five games to reach 1,000 views. On August 3rd, 2017, he relesed Journey to the Clouds, the game also marks his final release in 2017.


He scheduled to return in March 1st, 2018, where he released Crimson. On July 2018, he decided to make a seqeul to his previous game Pink, and was released on July 12th, 2018. He's no longer making reviews or making his own games since then.


Basic Info

Level: 80 Games: 64/11
Friends: 519 Total Plays: 18,010
Play Time: 0:04 Total Votes: 266


Votes cast: 49 Comments made: 653 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar Tributes made: 0
Group Memberships: 9 Group Ownerships: 0


5-star faves: 130 Comments received: 463
Favourites: 44 Tributes received: 0
Comment rating: 1.1155 Contests won: 2

Reviews by articuno360

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Review Name Game Name Game Author
[Editor App] #9 Future Knight, Kingdom Kings by Startrekzooka![1] Future Knight: Kingdom Kings startrekzooka
Join The Sploder Discord Check Out the Sploder Discord sploder
Don't Be Offended by This Game's Description Minecraft boytucker
[ER] #8 What is this Game doing to my Mind?[2] M I N D jigglypuff12345
#7 Mawaho by Cxrest! Mawaho cxrest
#6 Witch Game Should I Play Today... Witch Chaos mat7772lordeldar
#5 Happy New Year! (Withstanding a Raindrop Part One) Withstanding a Raindrop Part One r0llerc0aster
#4 Huh, Continuous Rain? Must be in England... Rainy Nights tbremise
#3 Don't Underestimate What a Cube Can Do Physics Journey lavalinn
#2 Oh, I Left My Flag on the Land, Time to Go Back... Sky High beast4321
#1 Quest Zone II Quest Zone II moolatycoon



Group Memberships

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Articuno360 joined a total of 9 groups so far. Due to the limits, only five of them were shown.

Group Name Group Level Members Description
Friendly Sploder Discussions 1,489 14 Hi welcome to the group, you can talk about anything you want here, accepts all!
Famous ish people! :] :] :][1] 5,069 90 No mean things in here or evil hackers!Just have good fun!Plz join!
The Sploder Forums 14,436 86 For all those who have joined the forums :)
Beasts Friends 2,168 16 all of my friends can join. By jioning this grup you agree to eat cookies. (::) :)
The New Hydra 7,749 127 Goal: Complete the Red Moon Project. HAIL HYDRA!!!!

Games by articuno96

Articuno360 created a total of 64 games so far, with 50 of them being unpublished.





Articuno360 made a total of 519 friends so far, in which 31 of them were his besties, including Articuno360 himself:

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boytucker cyangaming pepperedsteak nostalgia39 gsiy
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unovi creatingames 39nostalgia articuno360[1] geoff
kolinx12 beast4321 flumpisback fuzthehamster themexicancowtx
cxrest bobbymental j0ji martin1234567890 goldoptimus
  1. Articuno360 added himself due to a glitch which has the ability to do so.


  • His username began with the name Articuno, which was one of the four legendary Pokemon being introduced in Generation I.

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