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"Hey, guys! My name's Autumnwinter. I'm a teenage boy who loves to make games!"


I am a man(child) of many hobbies: art, piano, writing, technology, cooking, and living.

Favorite Sports

I don't really do sports. Actually, if you count karate, I do one sport. Karate aside, I do this crazy sport called life.

Favorite Games

I'm a huge fan of the Mario series. My favorites are Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Kart 8, and Super Paper Mario. My other favorites are Minecraft, Just Dance, and Sonic Colors.

Favorite Movies

My favorite Disney movie: Zootopia. My favorite Pixar movie: Inside Out. My favorite Marvel movie: Thor 2. Other favorites: Home, Minions, Mockingjay Part 2.

Favorite Bands

Bands. What are bands exactly? Are they the stitches that hold your heart together? Are they the bonds that create friendship? Or are they just those lifeless people on stages?

Whom I Respect

Shoutout to all you kids buying bottle service with your rent money! RESPECT! (Thumbs up if you get the reference)


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Level: 156 Games: 159
Awards: 47 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 1225 Total Views: 9,728
Play Time: 0:03 Total Votes: 442


Votes Cast: 21 Comments made: 2090 view »
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Group Memberships: 33 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 278 Comments received: 2530
Favorites: 61 Tributes received: 1
Comment rating: 1.0632 Contests won: 2


The PixelPalace Adventure. Part 2· 8 games

The PixelPalace Adventure. Part 1· 10 games

Sploder Mysteries· 3 games

Autumnwinter Features!· 1 games

Autumnwinter Contest Winners!· 2 games

Top 10 Autumnwinter Games!· 10 games

AutumnWinter Kart· 2 games

Autumnwinter Special Games· 5 games

Sploder AUTO· 12 games

Sonic Space· 10 games

The Winter Wrap Up Adventures· 10 games


Forums nickname: autumnwinter Registered: March 10, 2014, 04:49 PM
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You got a catchphrase? Mine's "Of course!"


"No matter the man, we all wear masks... Either on our faces, or over our hearts." -Godot, The Stolen Turnabout

50th thank: Swimmer18

Autumnwinter 96

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Games made: 159

this member have over 36 games which is the limit of games for here, so here's Autumnwinter's latest game

to see more click here

"Sploder Mysteries. Case 005"

Release Date: 3·19·17

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 7

Views: 13

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar 2 Votes

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A group chat centered around my upcoming collab game, Summit! Featuring Swimmer18 and M11DSauce.

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