This page is about the retro arcade creator enemy, for the physics puzzle maker enemy, See Baddie (Physics puzzle maker).

The Baddie as it appears on the title card for the Arcade Creator.

The Baddie is the first enemy in the Retro Arcade Creator. It is short and light-green, and has a mohawk-like hairdo on its head. It is one of the weakest enemies in the creator, and has no special abilities. It takes 2 bops on the head to kill. When bopped once, it freezes up, becoming immune to attacks from the player. A few seconds later, it becomes mobile, and is vulnerable to bops once more. Baddies are strongest in groups, and can pose as rather challenging foes to the player. 

More about the Baddie: 

The baddie's movement is very slow and doesn't do much damage. With this said, the creator of a game should place these foes at the start of their game for an easy challenge.

ATACK POWER: ▬ -- -- -- --

SPEED: ▬ -- -- -- --

CHALLENGE: ▬ -- -- -- --



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