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Real Name:Unknown
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
Last Visit:2015
Member of the Day on:No day

bangeoff was a controversial banned member on sploder who is (maybe?) almost notable for his name promising geoff to be banned (but he won't), And his first and only game on sploder was full of lies.


Bangeoff tries to sign up on sploder, and later, he made an game named "BAN GEOFF" which is named after his username, This is a poorly made game (maybe) which claims that geoff is a evil guy (But he actually isn't), And he is an evil mastermind (false), He secretly plans to hack every staff member and use their accounts to ban every user (false), The game claims that bangeoff is geoff's cousin, and he went to geoff's computer and he saw a list of passwords (false), There was also a word doc on his computer saying "Hack sploder's staff. 2017." (false), And finally, It proves that bangeoff is a verifiable source of information, and it tells people to trust him, And it tells people to overthrow this tyrant. This game got negative feedback. And it was his first and only game he ever made. Causing people to start criticizing him and proving geoff will not be banned. Later on, He got banned, as he deserves it.


Bangeoffs Criticism

The criticism on Bangeoff's comments section.

After he made a poorly made game promising geoff to be banned, Many people found out about this. And started making hate comments on his page and his game, Proving geoff will not be banned.


  • It is false that geoff will be banned, This is just a account promising geoff to be banned, and bangeoff's game just tells lies.
  • There is a unfinished version of the bangeoff written in notepad in some acer laptop (windows 7) in brazil.

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