The Banned rank (known as Giblet from 2012 to 2017) is the lowest rank on the Sploder Community Forums. Users who are banned cannot not view any categories, create discussions, send personal messages, or post messages. All they can do is view a message stating that they are banned from accesing the forum. An alternate account, or an alt, would be ranked down to banned, if it was made without permission from an staff member. One could voluntarily become banned by simply asking a moderator to rank them down as such.


A banned member on the forums.

This rank was removed at one point in 2013 but was later brought back due to a large number of PoW and JDC members sending bad personal messages. 

The name origin for Giblet is based off the official occupation given to soldiers who have been executed for their crimes against the country and the armed forces. Getting demoted to Giblet could have been from excessive spamming, flaming, cursing, cyber-bullying, hacking accounts, severe HTML abuse, hacking, posting pornography, or posting disturbing content.


  • Being demoted to banned is considered the end of the line for members who have committed bad offences against the Forums.

Members who were Giblets

For more information, members can be found here.;sa=search;search=[Punishment]%20Giblet;fields=group;start=0

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