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Joined:2 months ago, but his original account joined in late January-early February 2014
Last Visit:Variable
Total Plays:541
Contests Won:0
About Me:Ha! I was the one who hacked Shasha123go, Smartguy1, Katyperryvevo1, and Akidinaredhoodie! I hate Pewdiekids1 and Megarayquaza! Me and my servants Nightshield10 and Ikeaguy2 will take over Sploder even if it's the last thing we do! I am a hacker!
Member of the day on:November 16th 2015
Battexsam is one of the many alts of Pewdiekids1's brother Disgusting. Disgusting is a hacker who has been around since late January-early February 2014. Battexsam's username is based off of him loving Batte (that's gross). It has also started theories that his name is Sam, but he hasn't proved it yet. Pewdiekids1 however announces his personal information on Google Hangouts with Kidney, Sheilagirl10, Freefallsonic, and Theyellowbrick.

List of members he has hacked

That's a lot of members.


  • His name might be Sam.
  • He loves Batte (gross-out alert).
  • His avatar is a pink and black version of Mat7772's avatar.
    • Only the accounts he hacks is a blue and black version.
  • He was suspended in late February 2016.
    • So he created a new main account in early March 2016 called Megaraypooper, and then claimed Scaler290 to himself as a 2nd main account. He has made inappropriate games on both accounts.
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