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Benno98 is a well-known Sploder member, who has both a mainsite account and a forums one. He was not known by many users on the mainsite until he made his first minecraft inspired game, which got over 10,000 views in a short amount of time, also winning the contest. He made 3 sequels to this games, 2 more winning the contest. Because of these games many users now know Benno98 on the mainsite, and up until deletion, there were still a few posts on his minecraft game, which had over 80,000 views. He has made many games, most from when he was new on sploder, in total he, as his peak, had 369 of them. He is level 250 which happened no long after his MS fame. He recently deleted all of the games that made him famous as he grew tired of Minecraft, and he stated he did not deserve the views they got. As of the 5th of May 2017, Benno98 has officially left Sploder.

Benno98 made a forum account a few months after he joined the MS, he did not use it much until after about a year, in which he was inactive a few times but now is popular on that side of sploder too. He has been a private since he joined and has not been promoted yet, he has over 10,000 posts and 1,100 thanks which is not a lot considering how long he's been on the forums. He was infamous for making the "Brocky" jokes popular, by making a member called Brocky, who had an avatar that was consider "scary", chase a scared version of his avatar along the page. This became popular very quickly and many other people started doing it. He also created a "Meaner list" which was a joke list in his signature where he put the name of anyone who was mean to him, of course he didn't mean it, and many people tried to get on the list. He also for a short time got the custom title "Priwate", in which he pretended to be a superior version of the regular private.

Early History

First game ever.

A map of Benno98's first ever published game.

Benno98 found sploder around early 2010, he and his brother found it like most other members, by typing in "make your own game". He originally just made games as a guest, he and his brother mostly used the platformer though they did make some shooters. On the 30th of october 2010 he and his brother decide to make an account called "benno98" which they would share for a while. The brothers made some games, made many friends and competed levels with other memebers. After a while the younger brother decided to make his own account called "Jungleman6 " where the older brother continued to use the benno98 account.

On the 21st of January 2011 Benno98 decided to make a forums account, at first he didn't really like it so he stayed on the mainsite most of the time. Back on the mainsite Benno98, Jungleman6 and their best sploder friends toad01 and alexmd, made tons of MS alts each with names like "theevilowl" and "theevilbenno" ect... These alts were used for fun and theevilowl had many games made after it. Eventually a mod banned all of the alts and benno98 and jungleman6 because of them, Benno98 then went to the forums and requested that his and his brother's main accounts were unbanned, which was granted. Since that day most of his alts are banned with just one he made later called benno100, remaining unbanned.

Later history

After a while benno98 started to use the forums more, getting to know the basic rules and members, he was still not well known at the time but was eager to get a mainsite staff position, in which he never got and eventually gave up. Back on the mainsite after making a lot of games benno98 made his famous minecraft series, which still to this day had made him popular. Jungleman6 eventually permanately leaves sploder after some issues. After this benno98 became more active on the forums and less active on the mainsite, by this time he had reached level 250.

On the forums benno98 made some friends, but he still spoke to alexmd and toad01, after a while benno98 became inactive on the forums again for quite a while. After about a year he came back and started to get more active and interact with other users more than before. Once benno98 became more active on the forums his mainsite account went untouched for a long time, after being active for a while he knew his GCSEs were coming up so he left again, this time making a game about it. He never went on sploder again until May 2014.

Benno Level 6

One of benno98's platformer levels. This level has the most objects of any of his levels ever with over 2000 objects.

Once benno98 returned he was welcomed back by some users, and benno98 saw this as a good opportunity to make a lengthy but good platformer game. His idea was to remake some of his older games into brand new levels and put them all in one long game, he took his first ever game and 9 others. He made the first two levels and then made a hype thread on the forums, which got some attention. Later on benno98 added more levels and finally finished in less than a month. However once he publish the game it got ignored, which put benno98 off making games for a while. After this he has made a few games but they're all using the PPG.

During the last few months of 2014, benno98 decided to make some brocky jokes, which took brocky's avatar chasing a scared version of his, this became popular on the forums. He also made a meaner list and the fake rank priwate in December, which were also popular. During this time he was very active on the forums and made a lot of friends, some users though he was Soldier worthy.


2015 saw a big change in Benno98, quite a few members started to complain about his forum jokes, which responded in him becoming more depressed, since he also had a lot of college pressure. This made him make an apology thread requesting a promo-ban and the removal of his custom title. Many people tried to cheer him up and say that his jokes were good, after a few days Benno98 became better and was his old self again, saying that he does not want to be promo-banned anymore, although he did cut down on the jokes a lot, never making a Brocky, meaner list or priwate one since. Benno98 now has gained back his respect on the forums and he even took part in the Liarmy, which was a forum "gameshow" in which certain members got their named changed to "Liam #<number>" which fought against other groups. His main site account is still quite inactive, he has made plans to make new games, however none are under construction as of now. Recently he has become slightly active on the mainsite, talking with a few members and making his own tournament with his 3 "worlds hardest games". He also made another tournament giving 2,500 as the prize.

On the first of April, Benno98 decided to play a prank on the forums, he got Liamnight to promote him to a fake Soldier rank and fooled everyone on the forums. He later revealed it was a prank after the Soldiers found out, although many Privates believed the promo was real. Later he joined the Trails III, and was eliminated on challenge 16 to which he did not care, as the Trails was getting boring.

On the 17th of July 2015, Benno98 decided to remove all of his Minecraft games, this made him lose over 80% of his total views, bringing it down to just 35,000. He decided to remove them after he realised he did not deserve the views that he got for the games, as he put little effort in them. He also stated that he has grown tired of Minecraft and not has a hatred for that game. It seems that no one has noticed that the games are gone yet.

First feature

Incinerator map

A creator screenshot of a level from Benno98's first featured game.

Near the end of 2015, Benno98 tried a new concept on the PPG creator, in which the player controls a robot that must push a crate through different puzzles and push it into an incinerator. He decided to call this game "Incinerator". This was his first game where he made all the graphics himself, and also his first attempt at a “real” game. This game received a lot of hype from many members, and eventually when it was released, it got featured almost immediately, making this Benno98’s first feature ever. The game got around 4,500 views in total, which was nowhere near the amount his Minecraft games got, but he felt he actually earned these views and the feature this time. Benno98 was proud and would become more active on the Main site for a while.


During 2016, Benno98 was fairly active on the forums, making many posts and gaining lots of thanks, nothing really stood out however, as the forums was starting to become boring, which not much happening on it. On the Mainsite Benno98 began work on another PPG game, this time with a concept that involved rotating pipes to create a circuit from one point to another, calling this game “Connection” This game again had graphics fully made by Benno98, and the concept had never been seen before on Sploder. It, like Incinerator, got lots of hype and when it was finally released, it was featured on the first day, and was even reviewed once. This made Benno98 feel even more proud.


The title screen of Connection, Benno98's second featured game.

Later in 2016 Benno98 decided to delete lots of his older games, bring his game count down from 370, to only around 130, he did keep a lot of games out of nostalgia, but most of the ones he removed were really basic games he made in about 10 seconds. He felt this was the right choice to clear up his MS account a bit. He also began work on a sequel to Connection, called “Connection 2” which had the same concept as the first, but included updated graphics and many new pipe pieces in it. While this game did get some hype, when it was released no one took any interest and it only got a mere 30 views, this put Benno98 off making anymore MS games.

Towards the end of 2016 Benno98 changed his forum name to “The Benno” and joking spoke in third person a lot, for example “The Benno is glad to see you”, he turned this into a minor Sploder meme, but never went too far to avoid what happened when he overused the Brocky/Priwate and Meaner list one. He also was now able to change his custom title, along with everyone who had over 15,000 posts, and he calls himself “The LEGENDARY Private” as a joke since he’s never been promoted for 6 years. He has also made a few jokes that have gained a few thanks.

Third feature/Current stats.


Benno98's current Mainsite stats.


Benno98's Forums stats.

At the start of 2017, Demonxz caught attention of his Connection 2 game, and featured it, bringing his feature count up to 3, Benno98 was finally relieved that he had 3 features, and got the forum award that goes with it. On the 21st of January, it was The Benno’s 6th anniversary on the forums.

Final departure from the site

During the start March of 2017, The Benno made very few posts, and didn't make any after the 3rd of March. On the 1st of April he made an April fools thread which was about him leaving, his message was very brief and rushed. However after another whole month of no posts, The Benno finally returned to the forums on the 5th of May to announce that he was officially leaving Sploder, stating he no longer enjoys the site and has out-grown it. He wishes everyone the best and is sad to go, but he had been almost completely inactive for 2 months before his official departure. The Benno changed his avatar to a "Dead" version of his existing one, and left a final farewell image in his signature.


  • All 4 of Benno98's "Minecraft" game used to contribute to 155,318/190,142 (81.69%) of his total views, until he deleted them.
  • Before Benno98 joined Sploder he made many games which were all lost, a few of his publish games were actually originally ones he made before he joined, from memory.
  • Benno98 has had many avatars in his past, his first one was a green alien-like one, then he had a human-like one with an eye piece, then it went on to a series of hooded humans, then his most famous one, the orange one with blue hair, until he changed to his current one.
  • Benno98 was once accidentally POWed because the staff thought his brother was an alt, the next day things were sorted out.
  • During the 2011 April fools joke were everyone became a fake soldier, benno98 at first though he was promoted and got hyped, he was later disappointed.
  • Benno98 tried to become a mainsite staff for a while, but most of his old reviewer applications were copied from the mainsite, although he was never caught, never got the job, something he is grateful for as he says he'll never want to get a staff position by cheating again.
  • Benno98 is currently 18 in real life and lives in the UK.
  • Benno98's name originally had no capital, however once the names were changed back from the Liarmy ones, the Generals accidentally gave him a capital letter, to which he asked to keep, so they let him.
  • Benno98 decided to permanently delete all of his Minecraft games on the 17/07/2015 bringing his total play count down to only 35,000. He decided to delete them as he grew a hatred of that game, and he realised that he did not deserve all the views he got.
  • Benno98 currently has 3 featured games, an achievement he is proud of.
  • Benno98's departure on the 5th of May 2017 is the second time he has left the site, it is unknown if he will return.


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