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About Me:(Hey. I'm betrrr, and I LOVE using the Physcics Puzzle maker. I'm on Google plus now as Betrrr on Google!I'm also on roblox as betrrrblox,and on 3DSPlaza as betrrr.I HATE bronies.On july 4th i was MOTD! Independence day!)
Member of the day on:July 4th, 2015

Physics Puzzle Maker

Betrrr loves using the Physics Puzzle Maker. His games are quite hard. He made quite a few games already.

Old account

Betrrr had an old account called Tootman64 until one day he forgot his password. He wanted to leave Sploder but he loved it so much he couldnt leave. So he registered a new account called Betrrr, and that is the account he still has now. We learned this from a game he made called, the Betrrr Story.


One of Betrrrs greatest friends is a member called LightningShadow. Their first meeting didnt go very well. Betrrr found one of his games (Sonic 3 and Knuckles) and didn't like it so he said he rated it one star. LightningShadow came to his profile telling him he wanted "GOOD CREDIT!" and then Betrrr came to his page asking him what that meant. After that Betrrr sent LightningShadow a friend request and the duo became friends. Nowadays Betrrr and LightningShadow2 play each others games.


  • He is a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • He doesn't get bothered by the bad users that much.
  • One of his best friends is LightningShadow.
  • His old account was Tootman64.
  • Betrrr only uses the Physics Puzzle Maker most of the time,but he has made a few games in the other makers as well.
  • Betrrr almost never goes on Sploderheads.
  • He sometimes comes back and then leaves again at random intervals.
  • His favorite game console is the Nintendo GameCube.
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