• Harchunwai5

    1,000 PAGES

    April 29, 2020 by Harchunwai5

    In just 4 days after the Sploder Wiki reached 950 pages, the wiki once again announces its memorable pages milestone, 1,000 pages. 3 days ago, the Sploder Wiki officially entered its 11th anniversary, how sad that the wiki become inactive nowadays without any admins guarding it. Anyways, let's celebrate it (maybe I did that alone), 1,000 pages.

    • View the 1,000th page here.
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  • Harchunwai5

    950 pages

    April 25, 2020 by Harchunwai5

    I'm so proud to announce that Sploder Wiki had officially reached 950 pages!! This means Sploder Wiki is now on halfway to reach 1,000 pages. Let's celebrate here, of course next party time was 1,000 pages. Keep it up :D

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  • Valera7878


    April 21, 2020 by Valera7878


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  • XxIsSooCool

    Happy Easter!

    April 11, 2020 by XxIsSooCool

    I am working on a easter themed game now!

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  • Vegetables171

    Whats the best anime?

    January 10, 2020 by Vegetables171

    In my mind it's Attack on Titan, Erased, Dragon Ball Or Dr Stone and maybe Fire force 

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  • XxIsSooCool


    January 1, 2020 by XxIsSooCool

    2020 Is finally here! YAY!

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  • XxIsSooCool

    New Year's Eve 2019

    December 31, 2019 by XxIsSooCool


    2020 is close to be the current year, After december 31, 2020 is here!

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  • XxIsSooCool

    Why did this happen? I did not type anything inappropriate?

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  • Valera7878

    Sell To Bad

    December 5, 2019 by Valera7878

    It's Nothing Do (WHAT!?)

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  • XNDUIW Simon

    Moving on from sploder

    November 23, 2019 by XNDUIW Simon

    I have participated in sploder from 2017-2019, and I'm moving on, since I am already 16, and I am going to move my career towards game development, if not some certain forms of RBOLOX game dev so I can become successful. I had a few memories of the game, but I have since moved back to ROBLOX! : )

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  • XxIsSooCool


    November 21, 2019 by XxIsSooCool

    You fell into this user blog, so you can see my quiz i made! User:XxIsSooCool/The Sploder Quiz

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  • XxIsSooCool


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  • XxIsSooCool

    Sploder  Wiki is almost to 800 pages! If it reaches 800 pages it's gonna be party time!

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  • XxIsSooCool

    He is a troll because he:

    • He can't spell very good, i thought he has grammarly.
    • He is 5-7 years old, and he is a little kid.
    • He likes pie (i can't believe i said that...)

    So you guys might know, there is a template with his current avatar on it. Here it is: 

    And you can see it at:

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  • ROBLOXNoob246

    Comment "yes" if you want me to get an page, comment "no" if you don't.

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  • ROBLOXNoob246

    (during game) Sally: You seem like a nice person, robloxnoob246...

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  • Elodge

    The Sploder Island

    November 28, 2018 by Elodge
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  • Alexn2006

    Alexn2006 blog

    November 2, 2018 by Alexn2006

    Hello I am alexn2006. I love creating, sharing, and playing games. 

    feel free to check out my Sploder profile and play my games.

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  • Elodge

    The Robloxian Amazing Race

    October 8, 2018 by Elodge


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    Sploder wikia is somewhat (dying). Almost Every message on my page is a month old, and ya. 

    I havent seen any new pages written since 5 days.

    Nobody replies to my messages (possibly because the moderators shut me up for roasting 12stasia), and my messages don't seem to get through.

    Is it that i'm muted, or is sploder wikai starting to die a bit?

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  • XNDUIW Offical

    2017 Roblox Scandal

    October 8, 2017 by XNDUIW Offical

    The scandal Involved proxycyaniderblx, ridusotakamura and milkyfire34, it started as a dispute but it escalated to cyberbullying

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  • Ratchetyclankan

    Hi, I have recently posted a giveaway of 2k points!


    the giveaway has ended and the 3 winners were: [[goldensaur]], [[quarterback]] and [[[1]]]

    you can ask me to get you a private giveaway anytime!

    I am now starting daily giveaways! Hope you win :)

    Past giveaways:

    LIVE Giveaway: 

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  • ItsMeLoaf

    Hey, you probably already know I moved Wikia accounts.  Well, I plan on locking up this account because I never use it anymore. I will be on this account for a bit until I decide to lock up the account with a password I can't remember. That'll be all.

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  • Goldenman99


    May 9, 2017 by Goldenman99

      Hello everyone! It's me Goldenman99 and i'm here to show you a program that I made on April 30th 2017. It's called CodingMouse. You can actually download them from those links! They're in development.

    School is now over! Days left are four! But actually i've got bad to maths and uh.. yeah,


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  • 44lifedollars

    Blog Test

    April 21, 2017 by 44lifedollars


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  • Tibergames

    Hello tibergames here, today we will take a look at toxic wolf the first featured game made in 2017. ( i tried to add a picture but it wouldn't work)

    Who created this game?





    0minutes? Meowmeowfurrycat? Cyangaming? m11dsauce?

    No, No, No and No.


    Why it’s Toxicwolf107! Anyway now that we know who made the game, let’s go see if this game is feature worthy.


    There wasn’t much scenery but I don’t think the lack of it really affected the game play much.



    The overall placement was pretty good.



    There were no traps whatsoever; however there was one puzzle at the beginning, just a switch that released some speeders and missile launchers.


    Game play

    The game play wa…

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  • Gamerr101

    I'm gamerr101,I was hacked but now I'm back as gamerrr101!!!

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  • ItsMeLoaf

    Sploder Is DYING

    September 27, 2016 by ItsMeLoaf

    R.I.P sploder

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  • Goldenman99


    July 27, 2016 by Goldenman99

    I made this blog for preparing my own games in the making,also that is informed that I also do,you can follow this blog,well about my dates when I make my games,informing and etc. I'm informing things that are new or older and if there's a problem,you can ask me if you want.For all sploder users,and the all from "Black Promovative Project" (BPP),I am anouncing all the info that it needs to be.

    We are anouncing the news of the Black Promovative Project and the newest games coming on our group,as well as "KONAN" too,we do a little thing to it.All that is new or older we anounce,it doesn't matter,but rather the updates of our group,that we want more member on "Black Promovative Project" (BPP) and "KONAN".

    You can contact us on sploder,if you wa…

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  • Thatcarterguy

    the best players

    December 27, 2015 by Thatcarterguy

    lordofold  5mister  gonsales  gretemis  bobbler  futuremillionare  ov3rlord  ijam  evlg247  nazox7paradox  droidking777  matthewhurst  glow001  acetile  vaxen2  totaldarkness12  reklov  faves3000  birdx mario10007  boytucker  goldoptimus  thuyen  lilmcnasty  joacocapurro  camidudethecool123  benaddari566  salmanwin  loquendosabe  ikeaguy3  autumnwinter  mat7772  din154  tristanttttttt  boom5510  normalnickname  creepcollector  0minutes  skimptile  bigbadke12  titustitustitus4  rrmadeagame  awesomesauce  devinloenfunk6  hanzo045  gabrieltheman  kgtm  misisi  daveyja  majorvilson  troybonniemech  mrwoofles  swedenplatformge  xiixxii  herobind  juniortennis7  epicosauruss  megaslash  religous2  ftgboy  thatcarterguy maxliam  stephinio  theult…

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  • Goldensaur

    the reason of sploder

    October 1, 2015 by Goldensaur

    do you know why sploder is exist?

    for making games of course...

    but there are a lot of people that maikng games just like that...

    if it's their first games than it's cool, but after a time they need to make games that come out from their mind

    like me, i made "yoyo" and it was a game that you can't even win couse it's just a yoyo, but when i learned more then i'm on the progress for making the first real fnaf game "fnas".

    so all i want is if you can try things on sploder and use your imagination you can make a really cool game ;)

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  • Kittysocks

    Both the mainsite and the forums were blocked today for reasons. Can you tell Minjazemunka241981 or Arcanus if you're on the forums that I'm blocked off from sploder and that he needs to make a fake Gmail so he can talk to me through the fake Gmail I gave him in PMs? If you're on the forums, please do that instead because he's very inactive on the mainsite. Big thanks if you do.

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  • Kittysocks

    I liek collecting badges. >:3

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  • Kingert

    Hey My first BLOG

    March 18, 2015 by Kingert

    Hi.... It is my first Blog so I don't no too much. Alright, I don't no what can I do now with this BLOG so bye. 

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  • JacobPlayz

    Whenever I post something, I always have to make sure to ctrl + c so it can save the message and if it doesn't load when I publish the message, I have to reload the page and then paste the message quick but it's really annoying. Can someone help?

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  • Stairsuit

    [there's an image here.]

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  • Stairsuit

    So this happened

    January 25, 2015 by Stairsuit


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  • Red Bloony - BTD5

    Round 42

    13 Engineers 4 Wide Funnels 1 Reactor 2 Missile Subs Only 1 First Strike

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  • Amir beraha

    hi im sonicool

    October 13, 2014 by Amir beraha

    im the super sonic fan in sploder

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  • MetalManX

    Seems pretty legitimate to me. I might as well start by introducing my self. I'm MetalManX, mrhammer/MetalMan on sploder. If you don't know what sploder is, then why are you here? This is the SPLODER wiki, after all.

    Also, I got on to the top 20 after merely 2 days on the wiki, surely that's some kind of record, right?.. if you were among the first 20 to join then it probably doesn't count...

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  • Toomuch17

    What it says on the tin.

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  • Claus the Mighty

    about chat

    July 18, 2014 by Claus the Mighty

    I decided to test out chat (although no one was on there), and the format is totally messed up. The space where you write what you want to post covers the space which shows the posts. Could someone fix that?

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  • Barcode123

    What The

    July 15, 2014 by Barcode123

    Molly Has 65534 Games!

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  • YFG


    July 2, 2014 by YFG

    Something's not right..

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  • Kingtrent333

    My 1000th edit

    July 1, 2014 by Kingtrent333

    I have no life lol. This is quite a landmark for me.

    This is the edit.

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  • TG581

    TeenageGamer581's Memoirs

    June 29, 2014 by TG581

    Gamemaster9563 - My very first account.

    I never managed to fully make any games, nor did I publish them.

    I came to see if I could bring artwork to the Shooter Creator. I initially joined because my older brother showed me it in 2009.

    Xploder584 - My second Account.

    I managed to make a shooter game called BioHazard, my first published game, which incited popularity pretty quickly.

    I was bored and didn't know what to do. I left for some time.

    I joined the Forums, became a troll incited chaos really quickly. I literally copied and pasted Sploder rules everywhere and made fun of Jaggertoo.

    I was eventually PoWed by Jammyt2.

    I was eventually released from PoW Camp and sought asylum.

    I became bored and left.

    I was PoWed again for just being a nuisance.

    I w…

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  • YFG


    April 16, 2014 by YFG

    Yeah, so am I. And I think there's a reason why.

    We've been treated like we're nothing on Sploder, so why do we even join? Well, answer is; We don't know what happens in the future.

    So, if you're having this issue, just ask a mod. But there are some mods there that shouldn't even have mod powers. Be careful what mod you ask.

    This wasn't much, so sorry for that.. :(

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  • Cutiesaurs

    About dinosaursgod

    February 3, 2014 by Cutiesaurs

    I been looking at the wiki and I notice I'm not in the wiki. Am I not important? I am the one who is special I can do good thing please will you add a page to me?

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  • Kingtrent333

    I wanted everyones opinion on wanting a Sploder page on the Wikipedia, especially admins. The link is NOTE: The page is currently one of the "ARTICLES FOR CREATION" meaning it has not been published.

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  • Mjduniverse

    I will be inactive.

    December 19, 2013 by Mjduniverse

    This wiki is boring.

    UPDATE: I will still contribute though.

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