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Joined:July 10, 2012
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Total Plays:60,693
Contests Won:6
Member of the day on:August 23, 2014

Bloon is a moderately popular member on Sploder in 2013. He is considered a best friend by a lot of members due to his quirky, random yet polished games and friendly interaction. He is active on the forums, and has a whopping post count of over 11100. He is now mostly inactive since 2015.



Bloon knew of Sploder since 2011 through searching "game creator" and the like on Google, with an intent of making a Ben 10-themed platformer. However, he has had no prior knowledge of game making and thus decided not to use Sploder and forgot about it.


On July 2012, he stumbled upon Sploder once again and is interested in making his own games. Starting off as a new member, Bloon created his first games, most of which were platformers. 2 months later, he tried a hand on the PPG creator and started learning about it. However, he usually copied PPG games from others instead of creating his own ideas. Race to the Top is considered his first original PPG game that are different from his random tests.


Inactivity was prevalent on January, but Feburary is considered the start of Bloon's popularity and activity. Over 25 games were made, and two of them were attempts to win contests, both of which succeeded. They are "Make your own Pizza" (which received over 1,000 views one month after its release) and "Finn vs. Jake the First Battle" (as of now with over 10,500 views, due to Adventure Time's popularity). Another game, featuring a gumball machine is Bloon's 3rd contest winner, and has now reached over 5700 views.

A couple games were released on March, along with the Escape from Noob School quadlogy. The sequel of "Make your own Pizza" was released, but wasn't as famous as its predecessor. A demo of a puzzle game "Island of Darkness" was released. A Bloons Tower Defense 5 remake and a compilation of original bosses called "Boss World" were released on early May. A lottery, a demo of Boss World 2 and its expansion, along a test of the Arcade Creator's newly released Cave World was released on May as well.

On May 24, Bloon attempted to create 4 major projects but they all got cancelled. On July 8th, his activity was more inclined towards the forums and took a liking to it more than the mainsite. He also participated in Trials II. After being eliminated, he started making friends on the forums.

A demo of Bloons Super Monkey 2 was released on July, with just a test run of Monkey Lane. Geodesigner's Awesome Team movie was one of Bloon's inspirations. A trailer for his own movie, with an unoriginal title: Sploder the Movie was made. On July 31, the first part of the movie was released.

The movie continued, and an expansion of the Bloons Super Monkey 2 demo was released. A water simulation based on how buoyancy works, was made on the PPG and gained quite a popularity. His movie has reached 7 parts by the end of October, along with a mini-game as a filler for boredom. Christmas featured a Sploder the Movie special, with 3 parts releasing at the same time, from 9 to 11.


2014 was the year of STM, which has reached 22 parts by its end and is his primary focus, evident with the fact that no other games were released. Late-September, an easier "patch" of 2013's boss compilation Epic Boss Battles was made, which broke his streak of continuing on his movie.

STM's 23rd part was made on October 23, and an announcement for a sequel confirms that the movie will be reduced from 28 parts to 24, with the last being a summary of the former Parts 24-28.


Bloon's activity on Sploder decreases as he became more active on the forums. He returned to the mainsite on January 28, releasing a new game detailing his recent graphic icon, showcasing the FNaF 3 icon. Said game has garnered over 7000 views, which was a major contribution to his goal of reaching 50000 views. To celebrate, Bloon released a sneak peek of STM2. It is speculated that the movie will be made in a week or so. However, due to procrastination and the amount of work, Bloon gave up on the movie.

The 24th part of STM was released on August 2 and is a recap of the scrapped parts 24-28. Thus, the movie is finally complete after 2 years of production.


  • Some of Bloon's graphics and games are related or references to the Bloons series and Ninjakiwi, BTD's creator.
  • Bloon can sometimes be referred as "Bloony" or "Red Bloony". Now, he usually goes by Red Bloony, which is also the name for his YouTube account.
  • This is his old wikia profile, with random generated numbers. His new profile is titled "Red Bloony - BTD5".
  • Bloon is the first tournament winner since its implementation.


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