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CybarGangstar got a suprisingly lot of views. It has 21,000 views. The 2nd modt popular and most viewd platformer EVER. It's commenting is all the way to page 40! Thats alot! It starts out like you missed half of it. Enemies are in the grass and you jump on the elevator. He was SOO suprised about this, He decided he would something really special! He made a CybarGangstar 2! no one really knows about this game because he deleted it soon.


SuperSonic2014 hated Vonhaxer3 for saying a hate message to him. So after a while he got tired of it. He told Bobbler to ban him. Did bobbler ban him? NO. This means one thing:There are about 50 people who don't like him. I will tell you some of them: Thatcarterguy,Megarayquaza,and SuperSonic2014. There are more, but here is all of them at once: the Sploder Fighters. They know that Bobbler is the opposite of Sploder Fighters. 


Bobbler makes a game,and DELETES IT. he has 270,000 views. but add the views up and it's 45,000. Now games like, "The challenger" with 19,000 views, he kept it. also like CybarGangstar, with 21,000 views he kept it. But "Owl Slayer" only 1,500 views and he kept it. This makes no sense. Anyway, He has 12 reviews by himself.

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