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Real Name:Unknown
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Canada canada
Joined:November 11th 2016
Member of the Day on:January 31st, 2017
Member of the Week on:February 7th, 2017



Bobbymental is a member on Sploder . He recently got his reviewer application accepted. he enjoys typing with his elbows.


Bobbymental currently has 31 published games, with a total of of 1499 views. Most of the time, he is on the platformer creator stacking tiles together, and glitching blockhead, but sometimes he can be seen on sploderheads or playing games from the EGL.

He is a nice commentator on sploder, he once met cyberbully proxycyaniderblx telling him that he did not test his games. And he later lost the privilege to become a reviewer.

His first comment was "your richochet m1 is so annoying"

His games

His first game was "Escape the prison", when he first joined. he commentates on other games.

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