Boosts are a way of having Sploder games appear on the Featured Page. However, they only featured for 24 hours and have a tag titled boosted to separate the Featured games and the boosted games. Members get games boosted by bidding with Boost Points. The member with the highest bid at the end of the auction gets their game boosted. The members who don't win get all of their points refunded if their bid was under 500 points. If their bid amount was more than 500, they only refunded with half the points they bid.


To participate in the game boost auction, members must follow the rules. If the game doesn't follow the rules, it will be removed from the auction (and all future auctions) and members who bid the game will be refunded their entire bid.

To determine that the game is removed from the auction, it was based on the following criteria:

  • Games that encourage hacking or promote "glitches".
  • Hate games, bullying games, games that insult other members.
  • Games encouraging violence or violent acts towards a person or group.
  • Games that are misleading or click-bait (i.e. Play this to get to level 250!)
  • Games that promise rewards. (i.e. Play this and get a platinum award!)
  • Games with no interactivity. (There must be something for the player to do.)
  • Games that violate any part of our Terms of Service.


  • The biggest boost coins spended was by Coollegojack with 12,024 boost coins.
  • The Boost Games Auction is now useless as the auction won't start forever. The last batch of auction winners are Raft and The Michigan Enemy. Without this feature, members always play the same game, making some underrated games which supposed to deserve harder to receive views.
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