Boost Points are a system of virtual coins on Sploder, introduced as part of Evolution of Sploder in July to November of 2014, used to boost games and purchase premium avatars. They are earned by getting views, friending people, beating challenges, and other ways of participating in Sploder.

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How your boost points are displayed on your profile

How do you earn them?

  • Playing games - It depends on the interactivity or the length of how you played that is dependent the amount of boost points earned. For example, a one or two level non-challenge platformer game would only reward 5 boost points, as opposed to eight or nine levels, which would reward up to 20-25 boost points.
  • If you haven't logged in a very long time, playing a game or adding friends would somehow increase your boost points even more than a regular-basis user. For example, after logging in, if you have added a few friends, you would expect to see your boost points increase from 100 to 370 boost points. This is seen more so as a bug than a means of earning them. However, this has never been fixed.
  • Adding friends - Every friend you add or accept, would give 5 boost points each, for every friend added or accepted. Removing friends, however does NOT give a decrease to your boost point count.
  • Completing or winning challenges - Users can implement challenges on their games, offering the winner from a minimum of 50 boost points to an infinite number, provided it comes from the boost points you have, is the maximum number of boost points you can offer. Winners of the corresponding challenges would receive these boost points that are rewarded for them, and should they know how much boost points are given for a challenge is the number of points they will receive for winning it. This is one of the most effective ways, and presumably the most popular, in earning boost points.
  • Entering Tournaments - Users can enter Tournaments, based on a selection of any three games chosen from the auctioneer, at a price of at least 25 boost points, at which eight players are tested until there is a sudden round between the two winning players. The winner receives the boost points that is stated as the receiving prize on the Tournament Hub. This is also an effective way of earning boost points, though it is not very popular.
  • Earning views and votes - Every ten views or votes you get, boost points rise by 5-10. It functions the same way as accepting/adding friend requests or other users on Sploder.


  • You can spend your boost points in boosting games at the Boost Games Auction, a small auction which runs every 24 hours, that allows you to spend as much as possible to obtain the highest bidder until the time of current auction runs out. This is the most popular way to spend your boost points. The non-winners of the auction they have participated in will receive a refund depending on how much they've spent.
  • Challenges & Tournaments - Users can set their challenges, at a price of their own boost points to place forward, which will be donated to the winner of the challenge that the user have set. This is dependent on how many winners, to win the challenge and the boost points each will receive, which would substantially decrease your boost points(You being the person to set the challenge). Tournaments operate in the same way except that the minimum reward to set their tournament is 250 BP (Boost Points) as opposed to 50 BP with challenges. Tournaments are also functioned at a longer process, however the reward is as plentiful. The users playing would also be costed as they need to pay 25 BP to participate in a Tournament. This will be rewarded as a latter to the winner of the Tournament however.


  • Rockyroad797, a Sploder user has had the highest recorded boost points on Sploder, bearing at least 202m. However, It is an obvious incident since he never spends a single point on doing anything. There is a possibility of this being true, as he is far more than Konnichiha and there might be other users higher than 202m.
  • The biggest boost point spending, was the Boost Games Auction by Ov3rlord, whom had spent 10,550,178 boost points.

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