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Last Visit:June 2013
Total Plays:117,841
Contests Won:5
About Me:My best creator I guess is the PPG, but I can work with the Plat and shooter. I haven't gotten around to the 3D (or retro arcade), but I hope to learn the ropes of that creator.
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Boredgame is a famous Sploder Game Maker mainly for her game titled "Tom and Jerry". Boredgame has achieved more than 25,000 views on Tom and Jerry. Other famous games are Yin Yang and the sequel of Yin Yang, Yin Yang 2. Boredgame's most famous game is her masterpiece titled Tom and Jerry, which was copied by member Opengangs . The game is also a Contest Winner. The game has been reviewed by Metroid100, whose review was called "A Thrilling Chase!". She has also recently come out of inactivity. She is best friends with Yugioh77, who she met on the forums, She was originally a Major on the forums before the rank was removed, then she was just demoted to soldier. Her sister's username is PotatoMash.

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