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Boytucker 96


Joined:July 2014
Total Plays:137,200
Contests Won:17
About Me:hello
Member of the day on:October 21st, 2014

Boytucker is a popular Mainsite member with several comedic PPGs and a monopoly over the challenges category on the Mainsite, with one feature, Minecraft, which erupted in controversy on both the forums and Mainsite at the time of its featuring, and also led to Konnichiha being put on multiple hit lists and being barraged with hate because of his supposed "low featuring standards" and "power abuse". Boytucker is also a Reviewer, and much like every other article of success he encounters, this caused controversy. Which yet again led to the perpetrator of his promotion, Flumpisback, being labelled as a bad or unfair Recruiter.

On the forums Boytucker occupies the name "Butter" and has achieved prestige as an excellent troll and web comedian. You wouldn't believe it, but there was a point when our friend Butter typed with perfect eloquence and grammatical accuracy, good riddance I say!

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