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Joined:October 24, 2015
Last Visit:January 3, 2016
Total Plays:1,394
Contests Won:0
About Me:None
Member of the day on:December 2, 2015

Captain1234 is a member on Sploder. He has over 1700 comments on his page, He gets lots everyday and He only joined on October 24th 2015.

Alicornempress crisis

Cleanup, due to bias

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Alicornempress was one of captain1234' s friends on the mainsite, but a user called katsucakethecat posted a message on alicornempress's page and alicornempress made a game called captain1234 kills cats which she eventually deleted the game which means there is no evidence, she later on made games like captain1234 I'm sorry and other things like that after this captain1234 deleted her off his friends list and alicornempress typed this "replace you as the top 3 best friends, were in the 3 but,i" and at the end she put a sad face.

Member of the day

On December 2nd 2015 captain1234 achieved member of the day he later on got member of the week on December 9th

Early years (October 24th 2015 -)

Captain1234 is still in his early years as he has only been on the MS for 3 months, he wasn't introduced but he introduced himself by advertising on user's pages he is currently not doing this anymore, 10liamsl posted the first ever comment on his page, captain1234 at the time replied by replying on his page. He is know to have left sploder as he hasn't been online for 3 weeks people were commenting on his page saying please come back with crying emojis


Captain1234 has already got 1740 comments on his page even 10liamsl picked up the amount of comments on captain's page.

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