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Last Visit:2012
Total Plays:43,486
Contests Won:3
About Me:a sploder member
Member of the day on:May 13th, 2015

Cashin95 is a Sploder member. He joined in January of 2012, the same time the popular user sceptile was banned. Cashin95 was a well known user, and was popular at the time. His games weren't great though, usually being short, and having easy tasks. When an unknown event happened, Cashin95 abandoned both the mainsite and forums, only stating he was sorry for all the lies, and that he was leaving forever. Though, he returned as Sticki only a few months later, and later as Nextet.

This is a list of the known Cashin95 accounts. All are noted for being inactive on the mainsite. Forum related statuses are listed beside the known following accounts however.

1. Cashin95 - First account, giblet on forums.

2. Cashin90 - Sister account, not on forums.

3. Sticki - Main account, active on the forums.

4. Dicey - Alt, giblet on forums.

5. Titletown - Alt, giblet on forums.

6. Kidkudos - Alt, inactive on forums.

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