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Real Name:Unknown
Age:14? years old
Birth Date:2006?
Country:United states United States
Last Visit:2016
Alternate account of:m0derator390
Member of the Day on:No day

Celsinusadelfius is one of the alternative accounts created by m0derator390 after his previous main account, anytephius got hacked by powerup123313 and then suspended. This account was currently banned.

About celsinusadelfius


-Thinking Philosophically

Favorite Sports


Favorite Games

-Red Orchestra 2
-Il-2 Shturmovik
-War Thunder
-Civilization IV

Favorite Movies

-Der Untergang
-Das Boot
-Triumph of the Will

Favorite Bands

-Der Deutsche Wehrmacht Musikkorps

Whom I Respect

Erwin Rommel, Aabye Soren Kierkegaard, Augustus Caesar, Nicolaus Copernicus, Charles Darwin, Otto von Bismarck, Charlemagne, Plato, and much more.
Whom I do not respect: Slavic Peoples


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Level: 4 Games: 2
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5-star faves: 13 Comments received: 312
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Games by celsinusadelfius


Before this account got banned, ninjagokai9 and ilikeguy44 once had an argument with him. Knee also made a fake screenshot just to get him banned from SploderHeads.

His two published games, called True and Honest Warning to Sploder and Why Hetalia is Idiotic Horsebleep caused a lot of controversial by members on him.


His notable friends are mallows and the rest of m0derator390's alternative account that he made to evade his ban.

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  • His YouTube channel can be seen in his "About Me". but it has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech.
  • He has been not suspended yet.
  • The username was somehow misspelled as CelsinusAldefius.


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