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Real Name:Unknown
Age:10 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:India India
Alternate account of:Ywhalejoe
Member of the Day on:No day

Cetiblue is a member on Sploder, who has recently joined back to Sploder with this new account. His previous account was Ywhalejoe. It is unknown why he left his previous account to come back with a new one. 


  • Cetiblue is quite a mysterious member and makes eccentric comments all over the mainsite.
  • Cetiblue is clung towards Youtube more than anything as accepted by him.
  • Cetiblue is obsessed with prehistoric and Jurassic period animals and creatures, being extremely knowledgeable at this. He has also made excellent graphics on them.
  • As Ywhalejoe, he had made life-like graphics of whales, as suggested by his username. 
  • Cetiblue is also obsessed with unnoticed mysteries and gigantic creatures of cinematic and unknown sources. He has been making dark games based on such ideas.
  • Allegedly, it is said that he has been banned on Ywhalejoe for giving irrelevant, inappropriate titles to his games. 
  • Some members consider him an annoyance.
  • His first friend on Sploder was Dekks who is still active on the site. Cetiblue's another active friend is Mk6520. He can also be found messing around with another mysterious member Indifferent.
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