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Shooter Games
Creator4 shooter
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Date of Launch

Jan 2007

The Shooter is the first game creator added to Sploder, and was the only creator for the 1st two years of sploder. The Shooter's gameplay is usually oriented around action, puzzles, and (to a lesser extent) exploration.


  • The Shooter is the creator that many of the older members prefer, specifically the Editors, because so many challenging and puzzle-filled games have been made with it. 
  • The Shooter is the only game creator on Sploder that is written with ActionScript 2. The modern version of ActionScript is 3.0. Because of this, Geoff can't update the shooter because it runs on outdated code. He would have to re-write it if he wanted to be updated.
  • The first shooter game was called "Crystal Chamber" that made by Geoff on January 2nd, 2007 (It's also the first Sploder game and it was only game that was made in that day).