Contest is a weekly competition with total of 32 games each week that got nominated, only up to 6 out of the 32 nominated games win the contest each week. The contest winners are awarded to spotlight the most clever and fun games which created and designed by Sploder members. Click here to see the current contest.

How it works

Every single logged-in members and every single games can participate in this weekly contest. Every Monday and Tuesday, the nominations begin where every members can nominate any games that they want by looking for the button on the game page right under the title and click away.

On Wednesday, the 32 most nominated games are chosen where they are shown in the contests page. Every single members can vote up to three different games, this voting session lasts 3 days. Until every Saturday, the top six games who received the most votes are announced in the contests page. All games which have once won the contest will have the Contest Winner badge right under the title in the game page.


  • Sometimes, under 6 games receive votes after the end of the voting session in some contests. Meaning that games who receive no votes will not place the remaining spots of the contest winner list. Instead, the games which receive votes will guaranteed themselves a contest winner.
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