Real Name:Unknown
Age:18? years old
Birth Date:2002?
Country:United states United States
Joined:July 2013
Last Visit:October 2019
Member of the Day on:August 24th, 2014

Creepz is a moderately popular member on Sploder. He is a bit of a featured member and is a bit on the sly side on Sploder, mostly known for conversations and slightly popular games. Creepz was later temporarily banned for spamvertising despite getting warned two times but is now permanently banned for evading.

About creepz

hello there! my name is creepz and i love so called "making games"i live in U.A.E and i am master of art! i learn things fast!i am also a cartoonist! i am 13.


surfing on sploder.

Favorite Sports

foot ball, hockey... OH and basketball too!.

Favorite Games

non!*robot voice*.

Favorite Movies

not yet!.

Favorite Bands

non!*robot voice*.

Whom I Respect

if you respect me i will respect you!!.


Basic Info

Awesomeness: 98%
Level: 160 Games: 82
Friends: 1,311 Total Plays: 15,907
Play Time: 0:02 Total Votes: 1,061
Awards: 59 Graphics: 11


Votes cast: 73 Comments made: 3,360 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar Tributes made: 0
Group Memberships: 46 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 736 Comments received: 3,607
Favourites: 119 Tributes received: 2
Comment rating: 0.2727 Contests won: 3

Games by creepz

Creepz created a total of 82 games so far, with 70 of them being unpublished or marked as private game.

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