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Cruiser (Top)
The Ship Player, a Speeder, an ally and a Cruiser clash




Missile, Pellet

The Cruiser is an enemy in the Shooter. It is an original enemy from the original game creator. It resembles the player's ship with different coloured markings and similar shaping whilst being slightly smaller than the player's ship but bigger than a Wingman. 


Pellet (Basic attack that most units are able to shoot. Deals a small amount of damage on hit however it can fire very quickly and has unlimited ammunition.)

Missile (The missile is another basic attack that most units have access to. It homes in on it's target but can cause friendly fire. The player starts off with 30 of these missiles. Deals moderate damage but cannot be fired very quickly)


Whilst the Cruiser has better weaponry than the Speeder, many argue that the Speeder is better than the Cruiser since it has increased movement speed and mobility, allowing it to easily dodge enemy attacks and they both have the same health; meaning that they can be destroyed if hit by a single Mega Missile.


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