Crystals are objects found in the Platformer Creator and the Shooter Creator that produces sound when taken, and are also the most popular of the game objectives. Crystals can be used as a game objective in all types of genre, as long as they are possible to reach in order to win. However, in order to win, one must touch and collect all of them in both shooter and platformer games. See game pictures for example of crystal (it takes the appearance of a yellow diamond.)

Shooter Crystals

Although Platformer and Shooter game crystals are practically the same, the way the area in which they are meant to be placed are completely different. In shooter, crystals lag more in the creator if multiple amounts are added, and they must be placed inside the battlefield area or else the crystal is prohibited to be placed in that certain spot.

Platformer Crystals

Platformer crystals are more simple than the Shooter crystals. Platformer crystals can be placed anywhere, and the lag is decreased.

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