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Real Name:Unknown
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United states
Last Visit:2016
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Darkilliacronius is a vilified Sploder and Chatzy member who avoids IP bans by using proxies. He also has legion that supports his cause consisting of Antiphincronius, Amberciacronius, and Sorciouscronius, formerly Foxythefox (Alice) but it is abandoned.


Darkilliacronius, formerly known as M0derator390, is a hacker, and a stalker who used to be a troll and cyberbully. He used to make games of killing Tvnetworkgirl, but he got suspended by Geoff for that. After, he secretly hacked PieMan224's alt account EipMan442 (PieMan used this to make himself more spiced up. EipMan was meant to be another person who was a hater of PieMan, but it was secretly PieMan himself) and deleted all of EipMan's hate games. He made his own intro after doing that. Darkilliacronius then put absurd philosophical ideas and insulting comments in the Ban Appeal section of EipMan's profile. He also knew PieMan's first and last name. PieMan realized his alt account was being hacked, and proceeded to confront the hacker on Chatzy, a chat website. He talked to him, and it revealed Darkilliacronius was mildly crazy. This led to worse things happening, since Darkilliacronius is now hacking Chatzy members. Shortly after, it revealed the member Melonslayer, was Darkilliacronius after an IP check.


Darkilliacronius currently knows all of the Sploder chats on Chatzy. He was IP blocked a day after he went on the "Chatzy Sploder Chat (NEW!)" chat, but he shut down his router for a day and when he started it up, it gave him a different IP so he could reenter. After, he discovered the member Sceptilecousin's chat, who is also know as ScepCuz or Sceppy. He was never banned on there, and he found that a Sploder member, Foxythefox, was on there after a fight with the member Dolphin72. He realized this was an opportunity, and tried to convince her to support his cause, which worked, but she was banned from using the internet for 2 years for using profanity when her parents found out about the argument with Dolphin72, so it failed. Later on in ScepCuz's chat, he managed to make Dolphin72 support his cause, and granting her the name of Antiphincronius. The duo spammed ScepCuz's chat up, by entering it as FelixDoesMC, and Zdiddy, so the evidence couldn't be found. ScepCuz found the evidence because in Review Mode, you can see all the comments from the chat. He then found out about roleplay chats, and entered one called Creepypasta Roleplay. He is currently using a blank username, and insulting and spamming the chat, and not allowing others to enter by having a lot of tabs on the chat, since only 10 non premium users can enter. Later on, Foxythefox returned after a grant by her parents so that she can use her computer again, but left his legion. Antiphincronius (Doplhin72) believed it had a lost cost and left too. Amberciacronius thought since everyone was leaving, so she also left. The only one left is Soranciouscronius who betrayed him.


  • His legion chat was ultimately revealed when the traitor, Soranciouscronius posted the link in all of the chats he knew.
  • PieMan's initials are DB (Initials for safety reasons)
  • ScepCuz joined him for a short time as DeadScep but left a day later
  • Antiphincronius was a play on the words Cronius and Anti-Dolphin which was Dolphin72's old name when she joined Darkilliacronius's legion
  • In his legion rules, The Rules that Lead to Conquest it states that there can be no Mexicans or Africans which is racist
  • Zdiddy is friends with Melonslayer
  • Sploder Chat (NEW!) is owned by Foxythefox (Alice)
  • His name was revealed as Jake when he entered Dolphin72's chat, A New Start! and pretended to be good.

Proof/External Links

Darkilliacronius's Legion Chat: His second Legion Chat: The chat he terrorizes: ScepCuz's Chat: (The evidence is gone due to chatting. Ask ScepCuz himself for proof) Dolphin 72's Chat: (Ask her since she was in his legion) Foxy's Chat: (I strongly recommend you chat with her for proof) Maiphantomhive's chat: (I do not recommend chatting with her because she says Darkilliacronius is just a troll who says poop over and over again which is not true. She says it for a cover up story)

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