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Dcxd 96


Real Name:Unknown
Age:15 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United states
Member of the Day on:December 29th, 2015
Member of the Week on:January 6th, 2016

dcxd is a member in Sploder. He is somewhat skilled with the Physics Creator and enjoys inventing new game mechanics with it. He is a decent pixel artist (though not as good as lavalinn) and has created several avatar graphics for various members. Dcxd also appears to enjoy re-creating various popular non-Sploder games in the Physics Creator. He is also a Python coder with rudimentary knowledge of HTML and JavaScript.

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About dcxd

"I am a guy who really likes to play and make games. When I saw Sploder, I thought I could upload my Python games up there. Nope, but it was equally as good. Thanks to all who helped me out in MoTD and MOTW! The MOTW game is long overdue. Sorry."


Game Designing (as in programming) Swimming RPG's Listening to EDM Sploder

Favorite Sports

Kickball Mindball? Battlebots

Favorite Games

My own, Minecraft, GMod, Portal, and the games on here Pokemon (Favorite Pokemon because I'm bored: Charmeleon, Floatzel, Lucario, Manectric, Absol, Entei, Suicune (because I only choose fire starters) Ninetales and Arcanine or "Ninenine :P")

Favorite Movies

Elf Spy Kids The Jerk (Oh, yeah. I'm on Sploder...)

Favorite Bands

Any sort of EDM or chiptune. And probably Vim.

Whom I Respect

Everyone who I know and/or love (Except for Layra)


  • Dcxd have 13 besties on sploder.
  • Dcxd was Member of the Day on New Year's Eve 2015.
    • Became Member of the Week shortly afterwards but disregarded it as a mistake and/or an inaccurate memory.
  • Dcxd was the first MOTW of 2016.
  • Is against the idea of spamming Sploder with inappropriate games but will occasionally mention hacking as a solution.
  • In the storyline of Glow001's Operation Doommas/Robots/Blackout series, Dcxd created the catalyst that started the entire evil/good Glow001 mess.
  • Remove tooth

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Dcxd 96


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Level: 34 Games: 33
Awards: 33 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 258 Total Views: 1,889
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Group Memberships: 13 Group Ownerships: 4


5-star faves: 86 Comments received: 789
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Forums nickname: dcxd Registered: December 29, 2015, 09:42 PM
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Dcxd 96

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Coders only! No spammers, so lv2 to join. To join you must comment (on my page) a valid line of code, the filetype, and language. Nothing from stackoverflow or anything JSON will be permitted.

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Hopefully you're serious about making games, 'cause there's going to be plenty of serious games on here!

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There is a binding factor. I know it. Anyone may join, but I encourage you to join if you are affected by this factor. (Main criteria maybe being acquainted with Glow, 5mister or Lavalinn?)

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He has no place here!

Dcxd 96

The History of Dcxd

Years: 2014, 2015, 2016


In July of 2014, Dcxd accidentally stumbled upon Sploder while scouring Google for a way to run Python scripts in a web browser. Right away, he began experimenting with the Physics Puzzle Game (PPG) creator and came up with a simple mechanic for entering passwords. At the time he had not created an account.

Two days later or less, Dcxd decided to create an account so that he could share his ideas with the masses. He was originally going to be named "DC" (short for DeletedChicken, which came from the fact that his account, chickenoftheday, was not accessible at the time.) Due to the 4-16 character limit, he ended up tacking two extra letters on the end.

Almost immediately after his registration he ended up creating a 3-level physics game called "DCXD'S Easy Game," a simple game of prefabs and coins that accidentally got overwritten when he was trying to create a template for his intro level. Following close behind were two more games, Pyro's Dream (another simple prefab game) and "You Have to Enter a Code to Play," a game modeled off his early "password" mechanic, and by far the most popular game on his account at the time, being the first of his games to reach the Power Charts.

In late 2014 through January 2015, Dcxd began experimenting with other game creators, but never really got off the ground with them.


By about this time, the Boost Points system had been released. After about a month of publishing horrendously incomplete games from almost every different creator, Dcxd returned to the PPG creator with marginally but noticeably improved skill and ability, resulting in the game "DDR Sploder." Despite advertising this in the feed sidebar to the right of the game screen for several hours on end, the game did not accumulate many views. Two games later, Dcxd went invisible from about 2/1/15 to 11/14/15 (almost the entire year, during which he became good friends with Glow001) while working on his first decent game, "Airborne," which centered around a glitch with the Arcade Mover that prevented jumping on certain platforms when gravity was enabled. (Only Fin82 has managed to complete this game, aside from Dcxd.) He managed to boost this game, along with his first Demo showcasing an entirely new PPG portal gun mechanic, launching him to 1000 views. At that point he published his 1K views celebration game, which was incomplete due to how quickly he had reached the milestone. Dcxd promised a sequel to this game to make up for its incompletion.


While on vacation in Colorado for the New Year holiday, Dcxd logged in to Sploder to find the MOTD box displaying his statistics, followed by several congratulations from Fin82, Glow001, Mixbr0, Lavalinn, Pieman224 and a few others. A few months later, Dcxd shifted into low-power game-making mode from February to June 2016. The only games he published in that time frame were different sections of Airborne because the original game was too difficult as a whole. (The original game is still there and has not been deleted.) Around the end of June, Glow001 was having problems with a "choose your character" system for his Operation Blackout series. Dcxd subsequently published two fully-functioning variants of the system with the intent of assisting Glow. Glow001 accepted the system, but encountered several glitches while trying to implement it into Operation Blackout, so the idea was set aside. (Dcxd may still use the system in a future game.) After yet another two-month break, Dcxd published three new games, one being a message, and the other two being Demos. These games are currently accumulating views.


I've been on the Forums lately :shrug: Might make another game soon tho

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