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Joined:Late 2010
Total Plays:4,000+
Contests Won:1
About Me:"I have secrets..."
Member of the day on:January 2nd, 2016

Deepintotheden is a mysterious/illusive member on sploder. He came out of nowhere with his PPG skills, and is a moderately respected member. The account was made late in the year of 2010 and has been on/off for the past few years. He started out making unnoticed and unappealing games, but recently, has been gaining recognition and respect from the other members.

His most popular game is Dog Dates, A game about going on a date with a dog (made in 2011). This game was infamous for being unusual and poorly made. He started making games again in 2012, but left until mid-2015. He then debuted his new style with his game Ultra Blocker, which gained a little recognition thanks to the boosting system. During the month of December he published Sinterklaas, which is his most successful game yet and was featured by Bobbler in January.

Sploder Christmas Contest 2015

Deepintotheden started gaining serious recognition after winning 1st place in the Sploder Christmas Contest, an annual contest held by Oliver Eaton, or TheBlueSun.


Deepintotheden has created a mysterious and edgy persona, and is generally a quite member. He came out of nowhere and impressed many other members. He is well liked on the forums as well, and has an unually high thank-count for the low amount of posts he's made.

Sinterklaas Issue

A few members have claimed that deepintotheden stole/copied Sinterklaas from an online flash game "Sint Nicolaas", which was made by Wiering Software, when he clearly announced at the releasing of Sinterklaas, that it was a remake of that particular game. Though, he made Sinterklaas very different from the original and added his own unique concept and ideas.

New Game 2016

Deepintotheden has hinted at a new game throughout the year. He's made threads like "I have a secret" and "soon", which raised the suspicion that he is making a new game and is releasing it this year.

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