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}} Deion789 is a member on Sploder. He is a fairly obscure member, and he was controversial on the forums for his A Game topic, along with most of his posts in general back then. Because of his growing maturity in the community, people have grown to respect him more. 


Deion started as a main site member. However, he joined the forums, with a later intention of becoming a moderator, which he never achieved for obvious reasons. His thread A Game was when his infamousness had begun. Now, he isn't as controversial as he once was, and has gained general respect from various members of the community.

Deion enjoys playing video games, listening to music, participating in his communites, and watching YT in his free time, which circulates around edutainment, video game related videos, and animations.  He is not very active in the Sploder mainsite nowadays, but continues being active in the community forums. He was formerly an active member of the Discord community, but he was banned from it due to drama that lead the server to prohibit <13 members.


  • He was known for being an anti-cussing member, since he claimed in the past he doesn't like cussing. However, has soon changed his stance on swearing entirely. His general opinion is that swear words are completely fine as long as it is not used with malicious intent. 
  • He created 2 websites, one of which he deleted. His first website (that he deleted later on), was called Sploder 3, and his second and latest website, is called Awesome Games. These websites have soon been abandoned. 
  • He used to play Roblox under the username deion137, however he is now very inactive on it since there aren't any more games that he enjoys playing on the platform, other than Classic Sonic Simulator.
  • He is an avid Sonic, Kirby, and Vibrant Venture fan. 
  • He uses Steam and Discord, under the name BlueSmoke. His former main has been terminated due to an underage report, but he now uses his old alt. 


Awesome Games website: [1]

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