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Real Name:Deion
Age:10 years old
Birth Date:10/03/2007
Country:Unkownflag America
Member of the Day on:June 9th, 2016

Deion789 is a member on Sploder. He is a fairly obscure member, and he was controversial on the forums for his A Game topic, along with most of his posts in general. 


Deion started as a main site member. However, he joined the forums to become a moderator. His thread A Game is when the controversy started. He isn't controversial anymore however. He is banned from chatting with people, even though he does it regardless.

Deion enjoys playing video games in his free time. He is not very active in Sploder nowadays.


  • He is known for being an anti-cussing member, since he claimed in the past he doesn't like cussing. He did start cussing a couple times, however.
  • Deion has received a cult following for his post quality.
  • He created 2 cool websites, one of which he deleted. His first website, that he deleted later on, was called Sploder 3, and his second and latest website, is called Awesome Games.
  • He is a cool dude. 👍


Awesome Games website: [1]

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