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Real Name:Unknown
Age:16 years old
Birth Date:March 10th, 2002
Country:India India
Joined:January 22th, 2017
Last Visit:April 2020
Member of the Day on:March 30th, 2017
Dekks is a member in Sploder. He is one of the most active members of Sploder. His games are of average quality. He spends most of his time on forums and also has one featured game: Link.

Alternative Accounts

He has the few alternative accounts such as dekksvsgods, dexorino, lifepreserves and someoneisback.


  • Dekks has a few alternative accounts such as dekksvsgods, dexorino, etc.
  • Dekks is the current owner of the account shad0wkidn3ys (alt. account of controversial member Shadowkidneys).
  • Dekks was among the first ones to suspect and reveal Roomrecord regarding the gift card scam, alternative accounts and hacking. He finally got roomrecord's last remaining accounts such as simbathelion and few more inappropriate accounts, IP checked and banned.
  • Dekks is an atheist (anti-religious) and a vegan.
  • Dekks previously had arguments with members such as NecrohazardMk6520BrokenaceIndifferent, Ministryofjoy, Defalized, etc.
  • His most played game has 600+ views.
  • Some members consider him rude and annoying.
  • On the forums, he can be found in the Game Contest corner and Rpfg's Group.
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