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Disgusting was a controversal member on Sploder who is infamous for compromising other people's accounts and making pornographic hate games. He mostly referred as "Disgustingisback" which is an alternate account of his, and "DIB" which is a nickname for Disgustingisback.


Disgusting is actually Pewdiekids1's younger brother. Pewds keeps telling him to stop doing what he is doing, but that hasn't happened yet. Moderators I.P. checked both of them and it matched, but Pewds says that Disgusting knows his email.

List of members he hacked


Main article: Wealllovepie

Wealllovepie was a collaboration account created by Abcilikepie. Disgusting joined the account.


Ihyypisback was a backup account of Pewdiekids1. In late November 2014, everything was deleted on it, possibly by a mod. On Dec 26 2014, it was also hacked by Disgusting himself. He restored everything, and made a game about his return. On Feburary 25th 2015, the account was also hacked by Mena5000. Soon enough, the account was suspended.


Katyperryvevo1 was original an alt of Katyperryvevo, but was hacked by Mena5000 in February 2015. He made a game about his password, which lead to Disgusting hacking it. He is still one of the main hackers of this account to this day. This lead to lots of users hacking him, like Megarayquaza, Spaceface2, Hictooth14, and maybe even Plasticool. All of those users except Plasticool are good users who deleted the bad games. But the account gets more hackers every single day. The account is finally suspended on September 6th 2015, which people have celebrated his suspension. Almost all of the good people on sploder knows Katyperryvevo1's password and it has been hacked by Layra too. On 20th November 2015 the real owner of Katyperryvevo1 hacked one of Disgusting's hacked accounts and said she is going to get revenge on him on Splodermembersa's about me.

New Main Accounts

After Battexsam is suspended, he decied to make Megaraypooper to make fun out of Megarayquaza. Then that account got hacked and he hacked Scaler290 and changed the pass to make it his new main account so that he could steal it off Sweeta124. Then he made Disgustingxbatte for a replacement of Battexsam but however all 3 of them got suspended on Monday 5th September 2016 due to inappropriate content and also other accounts got suspended on the same day like Mrlivello250. After that he decieded to hack Ilikeguy44 because it has been accessed by Megarayquaza again and suspended on Sunday 25th September 2016 with more accounts including his backup plan Ilikeguy2. Then his last known main account is Sweeta124 which was stolen and he went inactive and haven't got much attention after all.


  • Pewdiekids1 is his brother
  • Mena5000 hates him, even though he is a hacker/bully himself. Later on, however, they become hackmates.
  • When he hacked Smartguy1, he unfriended everybody on that account
  • The only four accounts that he registered himself are Disgusting, Disgustingisback, and Splodertrollcops his 1st three accounts. Then he decided to hack other accounts instead of make his own. Battexsam is his new account he made himself.
  • He is "in love" with a female user named Batte. This is because they both have similar avatars, made inappropriate games, and are the same age. Batte seems to love him back, but she doesn't know if she really does or not.
  • He has gotten Pewdiekids1 I.P. blocked from Sploder 3 times.
  • He has done BAD things
  • He hacked into some accounts


He got suspended on a unknown year, possibly 2015 or 2016.

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