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Real Name:Emmanuel
Age:10 (soon) years old
Birth Date:March 4th, 2008
Country:Australia Australia
Joined:March 17th, 2017
Member of the Day on:May 20th, 2017
Member of the Week on:May 24th, 2017

Elodge66, an easily Mad member and could be catasropic when mad,People like calling him elodge and he takes that as respect as it is his nickname. When people insult him, He gets really mad and starts flaming and bypassing Arcader542 keeps telling him off for that and now elodge66 is banned. , his 11 best friends are called dekks,smartdan,bluemaker123,shoshilandgamer, sithumtdm,mk6520,mk6520(Note:That Mrbot100 is most likely not one of elodges best friends anymore due to the fact that he insulted him and a few others, Mrbot100 is replaced with mk6520.),Aplatformerdude, [Al5568], [Laughingcowking1] and Rockyroad797. Him and shoshilandgamer are best friends in real life.

Hi there, I am elodge. I am currently banned, which is sad, I got banned for flaming and bypassing, I just hope arcader542 will forgive me. Now I have been unbanned, I have learnt my lesson. Do not bypass under the censor otherwise you will get banned like I did.


  • Elodge66 was motd on May 20th and 21st due to the lack of votes.
  • He has a brother called al5568.
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