Enemymech (Right)
Mecha enemigo
The enemy mech gives a powerful punch!




Stomp, Punch, Rapid Punch


The Platformer Hero confronted by an Enemymech.

An Enemymech is a robotic, upper-class enemy that was included in the first Platformer Games Updates. The Enemymech is also a user of strength, (By how it uses its body mass to crush and attack the Platformer Hero.) and is the 13th Enemy shown in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category on the Platformer Creator.



The Hero trapped in a labyrinth full of deadly Enemymechs.

The Enemymech is the largest Enemy in the Sploder Library. Other Enemies that rival its height and size are the Rocky, the Electropede and Centipede, the Big Robot, and the Mogura. The Enemymech's main color scheme is crimson. The Enemymech has claws for hands, a giant circular orb for a body, large gears for joints, and serrated steel plates for feet. The Enemymech's head bears a giant green eye used for sight and tracking.

Battle Data

The way the Enemymech battles is that it has a strong, punch-like attack. Many prefer getting into a vehicle to defeat this enormous enemy. Most of the times when the player gets in a vehicle. Most of the times they lose. It punches slowly, but it has a medium rate of speed. It cannot outrun you, but try to get into a small gap the mech cannot reach, and find a way out or attack from the gap with your sword/weapon/etc. The only weapon that is strong enough to destroy the Enemymech is the PowerSuit, a robotlike suit with a powerful punch.


  • You can use this enemy as an elevator. Make sure the Enemy Mech is at a low level of ground, and make sure the walls are the same width as the Enemy Mech.
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