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[[Category:Game Objectives]]
[[Category:Game Objectives]]

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Escape pods are popular game objectives in the Platformer creator only, and are used mainly by members in order to find glitches in the game creator. By going inside of the escape pod, you must scroll your character towards it. Once the player is in, then the escape pod starts blasting up to the sky, winning the game in the process.


Escape pod

An Escape Pod. (With the Platformer Hero inside.)

The escape pods before launching, has 2 mechanic legs that help stand them up. The escape pod is circular in shape, and it has wings coming out of the sides. The escape pods cockpit is light blue, and the decoration around it is either red or grey. When taking off, the legs and wings go inside the cockpit.


Escape pods can be used in glitches if the player starts his character in a heap of multiple escape pods surrounding him. He automatically takes off in multiple escape pods, or in some cases, the escape pod will just stand there blasting off air and not taking off, trapping your character inside. Victory is not inevitable in an escape pod once you get inside and blast off, however.

Just before the screen takes off with the escape pod, (with you inside.) enemies may shoot at your escape pod with the escape pod being in a full screen of a heap of "barrels", which are explosive objects in the creator. The enemies see you and blast out projectiles, obliterating the barrels, making all of them explode toward you, and obliterating you as well when you are already in the escape pod.

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