Fire Troll
Troll de fuego
A large enemy with a giant cannon




Kick, Volcanic Mortar

The Fire Troll is a large humanoid enemy in the Platformer Games. The Fire Troll is the 10th enemy to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category, and was one of the strongest enemies before any of the Platformer updates.


The Fire Troll is crimson-red in color and extremely muscular in appearance. The Player's height and bulk is less than a quarter that of the Fire Troll's. Like the Thug, it displays 1000 red stones on it's head as hair. The Fire Troll has a slightly diagonally-curved rectangular head, an indented chin and triangle blue eyes. The Fire Troll's muscular proportions are tiny, with a lot of mass surrounding its legs.

The Fire Troll's body seems to be cracked with hardened magma, even though the body is still bright red in color. It wears a brown rag around it's waist to it's knees. On the Fire Troll's  arms is a cannon that is fused with the limb. The cannon acts as a mortar and is dark red on the tip of the firing salvo.


Volcanic Cannons: The Fire Troll attacks the Player by using a giant cannon attached to it's arm. Using the cannon, it can shoot large balls of magma at a target, sometimes in rapid succession. The attacks themselves are slow and easy to dodge at a far distance, and  very small and not much happens. (There is no limit to the number of times it can fire.) Each blast inflicts 2% to the Player's life bar, less damage than any other regular enemy attack.

Powers and Abilities

The Fire Troll itself is very slow and can only fight effectively on land, but despite this can prove to be a formidable opponent.

Immense Durability: The Fire Troll possesses an immense amount of durability, being able to take up to 20-25 sword strikes from the Player without being defeated. It can stay submerged in lava long enough to fire up to 2 volcanic mortars at the Player before dying.

Immense Strength: Like most enemies, the Fire Troll has the ability to kick, knocking the Player back a considerable distance and temporarily stunning them. Because of the Fire Troll's strength, each kick it delivers will temporarily stun the Player, even when the latter is wearing level 3 Armor and raising a Shield.


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