The Flamethrower is a melee weapon in the Platformer Creator. It is the only melee weapon in the creator to be gun-like, unlike the other four melee weapons. It is the only weapon in the entire creator to produce fire.


In Combat

In combat, it is fairly inaccurate, since only certain parts of the flame can damage enemies. The only melee weapon with worse accuracy than the flamethrower is the Whip. Due to this, a useful strategy is to jump on an enemy's head and then use the flamethrower. While this is effective in taking out smaller, weaker enemies, it isn't as effective on larger, more powerful foes, but their size makes it much easier to hit them using it regularly.

Outside of Combat


Blockhead performing a Flame Flip.

The main use of the Flamethrower outside of combat is melting Meltblocks. Although this can be used in puzzles, most game makers tend to prefer Grenade/CaveIn or Mace/Cinderblock puzzles instead. Also, if the player performs a flip while using the Flamethrower, the flame will rotate around them. The other gun weapons also apply to this (excluding the Mouse Gun, this is the least useful in combat, as it barely does any damage to enemies. The Flamethrower is also the only melee item in the Platformer that can't be used to climb up walls. The Flamethrower also doesn't affect the player's weight.


  • It can produce fire through water, but the water will not remove the fire.
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