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Flyzer 96


Joined:1 year ago ( December 2013 )
Total Plays:5,600+
Contests Won:2
About Me:Unknown
Member of the day on:December 20th, 2014

Flyzer is a quite unpopular Sploder member, who is more active on the forums than the MS. He still uses the MS, but only for Game making, as he doesn't talk much. He became fairly famous among the MS users. When he first joined he thought about making a hard platformer game, the game wasn't anything special, but it was one step from a newbie game to a good puzzle platformer game. When he saw some members that made a lot of art games or movie-like games, he started using the PPG creator. That was the time period when flyzer started making movie-like games since he saw that those get 300-500 views. When he was already 6 months on the site, he entered the 'Featured games' page, even though he never bothered looking at it. He saw what is a real achievement, to have a feature, not 300 views on over-rated games. This was the period when flyzer started making puzzle platformers and improved a lot. He privated all of his art games and started again.

He's been over a year on the Sploder MS, he didn't chat a lot with other members, he concentrated more on game making and he aimed (and still aiming) for a feature.

Flyzer made a forum account few months after he joined the MS. He thought that it wasn't a fun place and made a few posts and left. After a few months, he remembered the forum, he came back and saw that the forums are really a nice place to chat with other people, share games and more. So he stayed and now, he is more active on the forums than the MS. He is known by quite a few members even though, he is not very social and doesn't talk much.

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